Should video games be considered an art form?

Posted by: ZenfulSoul

Do you think video games warrant enough creativity to be a form of art? Why or why not?

  • Yes

  • No

90% 44 votes
10% 5 votes
  • A lot of video games revolve around some sort of plot, which takes plenty of creativity. There are some games that I wouldn't really consider art, but video games require a lot of creativity and effort, same as art does. A video game is nothing without good ideas.

  • yes, BUT ONLY THE CREATION OF THEM OR CREATIVE BUILDING GAMES. I consider people who create the games to be artists and those who create art in the games to also be artists. But not people who just spend their lives shooting down zombies.

  • Games contain a lot of plot and graphics. To make it succeed with the perfect balance often uses skill and creativity. Games are admired a lot, just like paintings. Both are equally astonishing to gawk at.

  • let's take this slowly. First,drawings are an art, and graphics are effectively drawings. Next, music is an art as well. Third, stories can be art. Well, video games have both, but are also interactive. So they can be considered art, due to the points I have stated.

  • Games can be different. They have enough entegrity to be an art form.

    Posted by: Logang
  • Video Games are meant to inspire and be admired, like other forms of art (Music, Movies, Paintings, etc). Now, there are some games I won't consider art (shovelware games), but that doesn't take away from the artistic value games have.

  • Practically anything can be art. If smearing feces on a canvas counts as art, then yes video games definitely do too.

  • It definitely depends. Is it making the games that would be considered art or playing them. If you're making the argument that making games is art then yes. IMO anything that involves creative out put is art.

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Perussi says2018-01-20T11:56:43.5335622Z
Yes dumba$$.
Perussi says2018-01-20T11:57:22.0970094Z
(welcome to DDO) :b
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2018-01-20T13:37:06.9908361Z
It is a part of the history of our development of art and technology.

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