Should violent video games be allowed to be played in schools?

Posted by: Rosenley

I am talking about games that are on a PC, so the kids would be able to play on the computer at their schools.

  • Yes, violent video games should be allowed to be played in school.

  • No, violent video games should not be allowed to play in schools.

58% 22 votes
42% 16 votes
  • Well why not. After all, video games such as shooters have a lot of benefits ranging from social benefits to improved eye coordination.

  • I say it depends on the violence of the game. If it was butcher, then no. If it was something like minecraft, where it technically has violent content, then it should be allowed.

  • People who play video games, can take decisions quicker, and are more moralistic in life. Furthermore, it improves your reaction time & makes you more sharp!

  • Games help the brain: People who play Call of Duty and Halo performed 30 to 50% better at making out details in clutter and managing events. It should be the kids choice whether or not to play them. They have rights to choose what they do.

  • yea if you play roblox its not that bad it helps your geometry and shapes and helps you with math and stuff

  • There is almost no game in the world that is not violent, even Mario games are violent, and it's aimed at kids, the only games I can think of that aren't violent are the hatsune Miku games and games that are ratted ec

  • yeas becaus ewho will know

  • Video games should be allowed to be played in school because they heighten reaction time, they improve critical thinking skills and reading comprehension, they help relieve stress, and are well suited for individualized learning.

  • I say no because video games are a recreational thing, not many teach you much. There is no point to them being in school. If you worded this better and said something like, "can kids play LoL on the computers in their off time?" I would have a different opinion.

  • Oh Sieg Heil No!

  • NO, if they allow that to be in schools, then the kids who are nuts will end up going and doing what they do in the video games. school is for education, not video games. this even shouldn't be a question, because it is rather stupid to ask if this should be allowed in schools. they took God out, and now they want to bring back violent video games. this is what America is coming to. thank you for your question and God bless

    Posted by: mac537
  • Maybe you learn a few things when you play video games, but at should you should be a lot more focused on study.

  • There are plenty of non-violent video games that can be played at school for either educational purposes or mere fun. You don't have to be parading about killing people in order to have fun. There's a reason puzzle games still sell. If you're looking for a fun non-violent game to play at school, try Minecraft or Whirled.

  • No video games should be allowed in schools. Sit up, get out your pens and notebooks, learn.

  • u can not be allowed in school because you dont learn from it so it gust a piece of shit in school which roast Ur brain and bang bang bang!

  • Why are kids playing games in school anyways???

  • Violent video games are fine. Play them as you please. But this should be a more than 2 answer poll, because I don't think we should even be allowed to play video games in school. I mean, I bring my DS to school, but that's completely different than playing FPS games on the PC when you should be learning. There's no point in it. Wait until you get home to do that, or just bring your DS (or another hand held gaming device) if you have free time during class.

  • Video Games shouldn't be played in schools, School is for learning and getting an education not shooting some guy on a screen

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lannan13 says2015-05-27T17:53:19.1984423-05:00
Define "violent."
ashkan says2015-05-27T17:54:06.9399565-05:00
And at what grades
Brenden-Lawrence says2015-05-27T17:59:05.1929167-05:00
Define "school"
Reeseroni says2015-05-27T18:12:46.5650641-05:00
Define "video games"
Reeseroni says2015-05-27T18:13:18.6818172-05:00
And how dare you suggest counter strike as a violent game
Rosenley says2015-05-27T18:14:16.0660890-05:00
I am doing basically what schools think are violent games. Basically any games with guns, knives, and killing of any kind.
tajshar2k says2015-05-27T18:17:16.3779136-05:00
No to any games, unless your on free time. School should be about learning
Rosenley says2015-05-27T18:20:28.8680628-05:00
School: An institution for educating children. Video Games: A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. Grades don't matter. I am trying to say whenever it is free time yes, whenever the teacher is allowing the children to play games.
Deathbydefault says2015-05-27T18:20:41.6752461-05:00
If you had asked if the kids in school could play games non-related to school in their free time I'd say yes. So long as the game isn't directly offensive to someone, I don't care about violence level. I used to play the torture game at school all the time after I got done with classwork. But the way this was worded made me think that you were asking if kids should be allowed to play these games as a learning activity, because my middle school teachers loved to do those stupid games. I had no thought of generic fps games in my mind when I cast my vote.
kingnova675 says2016-02-08T19:30:32.8143104Z
Yes it should be allowed in school
Luigi_138 says2016-03-17T15:38:13.4116209Z
Are people even looking at the fact that it says IN SCHOOL? None of the comments on the "Yes" side say anything about why it is ok in school. I am fine with violent games in general but as a student I know that having games, Violent or not, are not a good idea in the school atmosphere. Even if you are doing it in your spare time because that just makes it so that you keep thinking about the game. I know this for a fact since I was one of those kids that played minecraft (when it was cool).

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