Should we abandon daylight savings time?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Some countries (and two US states) have already done it.

  • Most assuredly; daylight saving time is truly not necessary. Early wake up times in spring cause health problems and car accidents.

  • Nix; daylight savings time is necessary to conserve resources and energy. A later sunset would cut down on use of fuel for light.

88% 15 votes
12% 2 votes
  • I don't really care, but it's kind of annoying when it's 3:30pm and it's dark and cold out. Although 4:30pm wouldn't make a huge difference, it would be better than 3:30.

  • Set it back one hour and leave it like that forever.

  • Only in very northern parts and southern parts of the globe.

  • Most of the world does not use Daylight Saving Times, but in the countries that do, including a lot of Europe, most of North America, and in parts of Africa, South America, and Australia, many debate over whether or not we should keep Daylight Savings or not. Both sides of the argument give pretty sound reasons, yet, in many polls, more than 60% of people choose to believe that the U.S. government should stop DST, which can be a surprise to some. But why do so many people want to end such a tradition? The “Yes” side may have some pretty good arguments, however, the “No” side can do just as well. With a mix of reasons and a bit of counter arguments, it can be proven that the U.S. government should keep Daylight Savings Time going for a long time. To start off, Daylight Saving Time can keep sunrise time in a more narrower range. A graphic analysis shows that no Daylight Savings can mean the sun rising way too early in the summer, or the sun rising way too early in the winter, which can be annoying for some ( Yet, if we keep Daylight Savings, we get more evening hours WITH daylight. This can be a great deal for many people, especially people that love to go out and stay in the sun. We would get more daylight, and that is big part of DST; to give people more time to do what they need to before dark. Another reason to be proposed can be unnoticed. Daylight Savings TIme can do the unexpected, such as saving lives, reducing crime, and saving energy ( First of all, DST saves over 350 American lives annually. This is because with more daylight, traffic fatalities at night are less likely to happen, with the ability to see while driving. The switch from day to night gives a 300 percent increase in vehicle-pedestrian crashes. Secondly, DST can reduce crime by even more sunlight. In cities, especially in Augusta, Georgia, reports of crime increase between the hours of midnight and 3 AM ( This is most likely because of the lack of light, giving criminals the chance to get up to no good. Criminals are known to rise late and get to bed late, so we can take advantage of that with Daylight Savings Time. Third, is that DST saves energy. This is the result of fossil fuels and electricity being used more in evenings, than in mornings, because more of us are awake. “Shifting sunlight to the evening causes a reduction in evening peak load, which outweighs a small increase in the early morning load caused by daylight saving time,” says Steve Calandrillo, from New York Times, a very respectable newspaper company. This is also the primary source of why the United States used Daylight Savings year-round during WWII and the 1970’s oil crisis. For those who think Daylight Savings is pointless and that these reasons take no effect at all, there is no good reason to stop DST. Sure, it’s easy to prove why it’s pointless, but it is way harder to prove that DST does more harm than good ( “The fundamental misunderstanding of DST is a result of us Americans (humans, really) being impatient and all too willing to miscalculate the the harm of short-term problems over subtle long-term benefits,” says Dan Nosowitz from Everyone just focuses on the two days of change, and that’s it. They never actually mentions that it’s eight, full months of Daylight Savings Time, not just those two days of change. So it’s just us humans being ignorant again, not nothing much about the time and only pointing out the minor details. This is why so many people want to get rid of DST, because of normal human personality. It is better to use critical thinking in these situations, and not jump to conclusions. Yes, Daylight Savings Time can get tiring, especially in the mornings. But the bottom line is that DST can do more good than harm. It all comes down to its full purpose and the unexpected. Everyone also has to look further into DST in order to see what good it really does. Overall, we should keep Daylight Savings as a tradition since it does more good than harm.

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Kaiser100 says2014-11-16T17:45:49.0875059-06:00
I live in Arizona, so we don't use it.But what is daylight savings even supposed to do?
Mister_Man says2014-11-16T17:55:40.3781838-06:00
Kaiser - we set the clocks back an hour sometime in fall and then forward an hour in spring so during the summer we "save more energy" by not using electric lighting and we can rely on natural sunlight to see. I don't really see how this works considering we just spend more energy in winter, lol
ArizonaRedneck478 says2014-11-17T00:37:26.6386796-06:00
I like what Arizona does, in the summertime it is the same as the Pacific Time zone but in the winter time it is in the mountain time zone.

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