• Yes

  • No

77% 10 votes
23% 3 votes
  • Hermaphrodite priesthood is among the most topical issues of the 21st century, outlawed despite compelling Biblical evidence. After all, recently study of the Bible has revealed that at least 13 out of the 12 disciples were hermaphrodites. What's, more according to the Greek tradition, hermaphrodite deities possessed healing powers, and as such may forge a solid foundation for modern health services. Further, according to the Ancient Jewish tradition (which contains the Old Testament, a canonical biblical text), God consists of a male and female component, and as such may be perceived as hermaphrodital. End the segregation now! Every hermaphrodite has the right to be a priest, and are probably better suited for the role than women, as they are 50% male anyway.

  • Whereas I do not agree with all of the views of the voter above, I think that there should be equality for all and hermaphrodites should definitely become priests if they want to be.

  • How does it really matter? They wouldn't be hurting anyone.

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-23T03:25:46.2299870-05:00
This is the biggest load of BS I've ever read. You're an idiot.
briantheliberal says2014-06-23T13:06:57.6249120-05:00
LittleBallofHATE, I find it ironic that you would call anyone an idiot.
Unclevlad123 says2014-06-23T14:00:45.1463426-05:00
While the views expressed by wbirchall are poorly researched, plagiarised from a Dan Brown novel or mathematically incorrect, we must not dispute their truthfulness. After all, there exists a biblical text which attests to hermaphrodites (commonly mistranslated as eunuchs) being guaranteed a place in heaven. Surely, no one is better suited to priesthood than someone bound to enter heaven, especially as they would be able to put a good word in for us mere mortals, restricted to one sex as we are.
lightingbolt50 says2014-06-23T18:50:47.4607623-05:00
Did wbirchall say that 13 out of 12 disciples were hermaphrodite.... I hope this is a typo.

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