• Yes

  • No

52% 14 votes
48% 13 votes
  • Yes since the western world wants to air strike countries like Syria and when the civilians have no place to eat, live, and continue their daily lives peacefully. If they air strike countries like that they should take responsibility for the civilians lives they have ruined.

  • Main arguments of con, counter They could be terrorists. Anyone can be a terrorist They should clean it up, its what we did. We did not have terrorists raping and murdering us

  • Well, if the western nations want to get involved even more by dropping destruction across syria and Iraq, why not bandage the wounds it's causing?

  • We should send them back. Gives them incentive to clean up the mess.

  • Depends. Some countries such as the UK have already taken huge numbers and as it is we have a housing crisis. That aside, these people need to fix their own problems; it's what Europe has done. We weathered through hundreds of wars and as a result we have become what we are now. If they want to live somewhere with conditions like Europe, then they should kick IS out themselves. Besides, this has the chance to become the largest Trojan Horse in history -- IS could seed thousands of terrorists amongst the refugees and we wouldn't even know.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-02-27T02:51:27.0582187Z
Biased Poll
Vox_Veritas says2016-02-27T02:53:03.2502851Z
But to answer the question, no. Instead we should resolve the conflict (through an Iraq-style military intervention if nothing else works) and then allow all the refugees to return to a peaceful Syria.

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