Should we adopt a flat tax instead of a progressive tax

Posted by: CRT_ALT_DEM

A progressive tax is based on taxing the rich propotionally more the higher your income is. A flat tax is percentage based and taxes everyone the same parecentage. Through this the rich will pay more, however it will be the same proporstion of their income as every other group.

  • A Flat Tax is better

  • A Progessive Tax is better

64% 9 votes
36% 5 votes
  • Trickle-down economics is where it's at. Power to the robots!

    Posted by: reece
  • The only fair system

  • Oh, the rich this!.. the rich that!.. oh, how I hate them so badly. Like everyone else is trying to say up here: This isn't a communist country. You keep your money, we keep ours. You get taxed 15% WE get taxed 15% Comprendes?

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