Should we all stop complaining and rioting over Trump's presidency and just give him a chance?

Posted by: sara.anndee

  • Yes

  • No

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • Many will never forgive him for his disgraceful campaign, but having got here we have to give him a chance.

  • We protested him during the campaign, and why should we stop just because he's president? If anything I would think that means we should be protesting more.

  • Trump doesn't deserve Presidency, he didn't fairly win because Hillary received the popular vote while trump got elected because of those sexist electoral colleges. Trump had a chance already to apologize for the things he has said over and over again but has yet to show respect to his own citizens.

  • He's got his chance and he doesn't need me for it. I won't be watching any television news for the next four years because I cannot stand the man's voice, looking at him, loathe his personality, and I disagree with those who said he won "fair and square." He did not. He won because Russia and Assange illegally hacked Democratic emails systems and because the FBI corrupted itself to help him win. That is not winning fair and square. It's in fact winning by people rigging the system for you, ironically enough. Obviously I hope Trump doesn't fail as president, which is what I expect will happen as he is completely unfit and unprepared for that job. But it's been only two days and he's already done an about-face on the very things he ran on, the hate, the disunity, the epithets toward Clinton and Obama. Trump is a conman, a fraud. I cannot get behind someone who is a conman and a fraud. Instead, I'll wait until the fools who voted for him realize what they've done.

  • People say "give Trump a chance" but I believe the things he says and what he plans to do are not morally okay and that is a very valid reason to exercise freedom of speech and protest. I respect that he won the Presidency but will protest against the policies and hatred he supports.

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Hammerli says2016-11-11T01:59:49.6425131Z
Of course you give him a chance, for the good of all of us, but in the minds of millions he will never be forgiven for his campaign.
Black-Jesus says2016-11-11T03:52:05.0636886Z
I'm not complaining about his presidency so much as I'm complaining about the intellectual meltdown his supports have been having. Seeing them defending him and attack those who oppose him makes me wanna blow my brains out.
jo154676 says2016-11-11T09:46:29.4745723Z
He hasn't even been sworn in, can people give him a chance before they freak out? How is the electoral college sexist and if he won the election then america wanted him to win so accept it. If Hillary had won how would you react to trump supporters protesting the win?
Skeptical1 says2016-11-11T09:51:20.5200327Z
Trump said he wasn't going to accept the result if he lost, why should it be any different now that the shoe is on the other foot? It took less than a day before he announced things he has been campaigning for all the way along, he now won't do. Most lying ratbag politicians take months to get around to breaking their promises, he achieved it in one day - good start.
jo154676 says2016-11-11T11:33:13.3936228Z
If Trump said he was going to take a gun and kill people if he lost would that justify Hillary supporters doing it when she loses? And he doesnt have that much power and with a republican congress it doesn't really matter what he wants
Bluepaintcan123 says2016-11-11T12:56:12.4563344Z
@Samarium He did fairly win. Our democratic system was set up so that the president is determined by the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, not voters (also nice to generalize them by calling them a bunch of sexists.) No one cares if you are butt hurt about the results of the election, he still won. If you don't like it, then actually try to do something about it (peacefully.)
Fernyx says2016-11-11T18:14:21.2889747Z
@Samarium there is a certain amount of electoral votes you receive for winning each state, Trump won enough states to break 270 electoral votes, the electoral college is not sexist.
lgunter5297 says2016-11-13T10:11:15.8633486Z
The trump supports are not blinded sheep who were convinced into believing that Hillary Clinton is some saint instead of the habitual liar, a woman who has not been investigated for the 48 murders of the people who oppose her, not counting her husbands extensive rape record. Also if you are not aware the Clintons have long ties with the kkk, she has openly stated that she is a white sepremist, and supported many laws which have incarcerated many innocent African men for violent crimes even though many of these people were incarcerated. Her foundation, which is funded by large oil companies, and middle eastern beneficiaries who want Syrians coming by the thousands. These Syrian "refugees" as shown in France and Belgium are a mixture of people seeking refuge. But the media doesn't share with us is how many Islamic supports would kill Christians and on the boat and push them off .
Mharman says2016-11-30T02:06:58.4587691Z
@Skeptical1: He never said that. He said it would depend on how he loses.

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