• Yes

  • No

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • Human cloning may not be needed now but if we start developing problems in the future human cloning may be the only way to survive. But i see where you are coming from saying no as something could go wrong during the process.

  • You guys have been watching too many movies.

  • human cloning should be used but must have restriction on public use as many crimes can occur. we can also use it when the human population is low

  • I think this is the apocalypse movies that I've been watching that has been talking to me.

    Posted by: yay842
  • I don't believe cloning is necessary and I think the inherent risks and detrimental effects substantially outweigh any arguable benefits.

  • NO!!! Can you say road to dictatorship??? Let's just give the government they're own programmed army to abolish what freedom we have left! >.<

  • No, there aren't nearly enough positives to outweigh the numerous and very serious negatives. Also, while I believe government and religion should be as separate as possible, human cloning goes under the "playing god" category in my book.

  • its cruel and inhumane beacuse the chances for mutations and deformities are higher than a normal conception. its dangerous, risky, not well studied. thats like asking if we should splice pigs and people together and see what happens. violation of human rights.

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