Should We Allow Human Cloning?

Posted by: Bookwormav

A long time ago, scientist tried and failed to clone a human. After the one failed attempt, US Congress pass a law saying it will be illegal to do so again. Do you think is should be repealed. Please leave a comment.

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reece says2015-04-23T12:06:07.7546464-05:00
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Please give me a link for your human cloning story?
dbushwacker says2015-04-23T13:14:46.9179168-05:00
A human cloning story?
reece says2015-04-23T13:21:05.2354958-05:00
In the description.
dbushwacker says2015-04-23T13:23:39.9260874-05:00
You mean like this one? Http://www.Nancyfarmerwebsite.Com/house-of-scorpion.Html
dbushwacker says2015-04-23T13:28:31.0551536-05:00
Not my story, but it was a good one. :P
debate_power says2015-04-25T16:56:44.6913955-05:00
You know, a good deal of a child's personality, interests, intelligence, etc. (perhaps even most) is determined by genetics. Who is to say that I wouldn't be doing my child and I both a favor by cloning myself to produce a child to raise?
debate_power says2015-04-29T16:24:09.8827056-05:00
@Canuckle That is because there is none.

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