Should we allow political dynasties?

Posted by: Unknown95

With a Clinton and Bush family member running again for president, I'm curious.

  • Yes

  • No

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • By allowing political dynasties to happen, we are opening a bigger opportunity for said dynasty to corrupt the government. The more members of their clan they have, the more power they can garner. I strongly suggest that Political Dynasties be banned: not completely but only to some extent, as SOME team-ups may be beneficial to the economy. BUT over-all Political Dynasties can be dangerous.

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tommytom says2015-05-16T20:09:49.6213534-05:00
Hard to say... I guess you are referring to Bush and Clinton, who most people think will be the finals. Both aren't great people. I say I'm fine with allowing diversity, but we shouldn't restrict people just because they share a similar bloodline.

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