Should we arrest all those who are opposed to Gay Marriage and force Christians to change their beliefs?

Posted by: TheKeyMaster

I think that there needs to be some common sense put into law. THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED ANTI-GAY BIGOTS OR IGNORANT CHRISTIANS!

  • Yes. Arrest those bigots and ban Christianity!

  • No. (Anyone who picks this should be arrested too)

18% 6 votes
82% 27 votes
  • I hope to all that is good in this world that you are trolling. Because I have no idea which universe you come from if you're serious.

  • Umm how about no? Free speech anyone?

    Posted by: mdmark
  • I am completely pro-gay, but even I think this is too far... Yes, I believe homphobia is wrong and unreasonable, but banning Christianity? Some homosexuals are Christians, too...

  • People can believe whatever they want to believe in. We shouldn't force people to change their beliefs it they seem evil or not okay. We can influence them into changing by convincing them and providing backups to all kind of contradictions to prove themselves right. If someone believes in something evil, then they should be put with a psychologist. But being against gay marriage is not evil. What is evil is being against homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people. It's okay to be against gay marriage but it's not okay to tell people to stop being a homosexual, bisexual, and/or transgender and/or telling them not to behave that way and/or telling them not to get into a relationship with someone who is their same gender. However, we should tell transgender people not to get in a relationship with someone straight who is the same gender as the transgender's original gender because those who are straight want to get into a relationship with someone of the opposite gender who is not a transgender and who is not acting or pretending to act like the gender that is not his/her original gender. I am a guy and I don't have a girlfriend yet but if in the future I have a "girlfriend" and later find out that her original gender is actually male, I would be very disgusted like you don't imagine. I would also sue that person in that case. If I was to be arrested because I am against same gender marriage, I wouldn't be okay with it, but it wouldn't either change my opinion. Punishing and hitting a prisoner because of his/her opinions and/or beliefs, no matter how hard, won't actually change his/her opinions/beliefs. It will only provoke them to lie that they no longer have that opinion/belief. If that prison guard would kill me then because he could read minds, okay then. Be it. My body would be destroyed, but I (the spirit-my actual self) wouldn't be destroyed, so that belief isn't gone, but still present. Dying is actually not going out of existence or actually dying and stopping on feeling your presence/existence. It only is exiting the body. We are not the bodies. We are the spirits in the bodies.

  • I'm a christian and I'm not ignorant unlike the people who think Christians are ignorant.

    Posted by: 124275
  • Those who are advocating the legality of same-sex marriages are really advocating the First Amendment. Those people want the right to express themselves freely. By arresting Christians just because they are Christians, and SOME Christians oppose same-sex marriages, would violate the same right you are attempting to secure: the freedom to express your own faith or beliefs.

  • This is such a stupid poll. It is an obvious violation of the first amendment.

  • Totally pro-gay. Also, totally not a psycho. Don't force beliefs on others. Bigotry is bad but they have a right to believe whatever they want. Doesn't mean I have to like it. (Also means they can't force their beliefs on others as well).

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PetersSmith says2015-03-11T10:51:55.8950339-05:00
Wow, way to make us look bad.
Sophia13 says2015-03-11T13:18:58.3965429-05:00
I hope this is a troll...
face1995 says2015-03-11T13:36:41.4544082-05:00
A way that this might not be a troll is that he/she is questioning about whether those who oppose gay marriage should be arrested. A way that this is a troll is that on the No option, it says that anyone who chooses that option should be arrested. By the way, not all churches oppose gay marriage. A few churches strictly say that vegetarianism and veganism is a sin, but a few recommend vegetarianism and a few requires its members to go vegetarian on certain days. I believe that animals are fully equal to humans in terms of rights. I go to the Mormon church but I don't think it's the true church. I think that the true church still does not exist today and that it fell a few decades after Jesus Christ left to go to heaven right after he rose from the dead.
benhos says2015-03-11T18:19:26.6291028-05:00
We don't have to arrest anti-gays and force christians to change their beliefs, but we should federally legalize gay marriage and those who oppose it will just have to deal with it. Sexual orientation doesn't change who you are, and those who don't treat gays like straights should be arrested.
Tonius5 says2015-03-11T18:45:29.1996471-05:00
It terrifies me that 5 people currently have voted for the "yes" option.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T21:31:36.4141719-05:00
This is obviously a troll. Just like Spectre.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T21:32:43.5332332-05:00
Tonius, now you know how rational people feel when you vote on blatantly homophobic options on various polls on this site.
TheKeyMaster says2015-03-12T08:36:42.4345485-05:00
When I vote on homophobic options? When have I ever done that?
TheKeyMaster says2015-03-12T08:37:15.2236237-05:00
Oh sorry. I thought you were talking about me.
Tonius5 says2015-03-12T08:42:20.9639386-05:00
I don't vote for homophobic options, Brian.
Spectre2 says2015-03-13T08:22:19.4560617-05:00
@tonius5 i voted yes as a joke.

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