Should we ban all technology and have it replaced?

Posted by: TDDA

Poll closed on 5/1/2018 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes

  • No

14% 2 votes
86% 12 votes
  • yes and we replace them with decentralize technology. automation is branging us closer to the future the novel Player piano depicted and China recently beeing researching way for police robotics to be tied to a database that can record on every person alive, every second they been, if thehy been a "good citizen" etc this is nighmare fuel and so far only the party partier are trying to support alternative tech then negotiating our freedom just to live like a happy obedient slave.

  • Technology has helped us a lot, and you don't really have a logical argument.

  • Replaced?

  • People who voted yes are hypocrites.

    Posted by: asta
  • technology helps children with homework. technology helps everyone with transportation, calling, meeting, having fun and keeping in touch with old friends. why should we ban technology??

  • Think about the advancements we have made with technology. We can build cars, toys, appliances, and things we need so much faster and more precise than with manual work.

  • Without technology, there wouldn’t be any of our modern medical technology left. Think how disastrous that would be. Also, if that simple statement isn’t enough, think about how society would collapse. Are cars are technically technology, are lights are technology, the very phones that keep society in check would be gone if you banned technology.

  • Technology is everything created by man, so that would be very hard to rid of all technology. Also, what would we replace technology with? Nature? Other technology?

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Stupidape says2018-04-29T03:16:25.9450029Z
I fail to understand the topic.
TDDA says2018-04-29T03:22:31.0075567Z
+Stupidape I'm asking if we should have new brands of technology that have better limits
Kevin_Fishcer says2018-04-29T19:48:29.2527710Z
If anyone interest in joing the party partiers here a link below, right now it just a a messy forum but we'll update to a new forum once there enough people. Http://www.Debate.Org/forums/politics/topic/113913/
TDDA says2018-04-30T00:12:51.8787710Z
I see everyone is confused on what I meant, I meant that technology would be replaced then a new brand would replace all of it. Let's say Apple (the tech company) came in and replaced all technology for us so that there is no way that we can't communicate with someone because they don't have the same device and etc.
FoxxWorldProductions says2018-04-30T22:11:17.2509535Z
He is replacing it with technology from his government so they can spy on the civilians

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