Should we ban cousin marriage and make it as a criminal offense ?

Posted by: dathc

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Incest should be a felony offense and discourage by society.Abortion for incest is immoral.

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No,it should not be banned.

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Maybe not banned.But we should support abortion for incest couple.

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Yes,it should be banned because of birth defect.

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There should be a capital punishment for incest if it cause severe birth defect to a child.

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Skyscraper says2015-11-29T17:07:04.4197840Z
I know this is a sensitive topic. I took my wife to be and said by to my parents, as we where going to attempt to elope and get Married in Mexico. We wanted it to be fast and quite without the who shabang. Plus i was protestant and my bride to be was Catholic . It was getting to hard to find a Priest who would marry us, as my wife to be, wanted it in a Catholic Church only. I was more of an agnostic and was not going to convert to anything. SO the answer was lets head to Mexico. When we got there we found many things had changed. You needed blood tests . Apparently in the older days cousins or brother and sisters where flocking to Mexico to get around this. It would have taken weeks to get this done and we just showed up so we came back to Canada and searched harder and we found the Coolest Priest to marry us. This Priest wore a leather jacked and road a motorcycle. Was a Priest for the prisons in Quebec. We used him to have our children baptized as well. But in parts of Quebec due to colonizing has been known it is not uncommon where cousins had been married and long distant relatives as well in some cases not knowing the family tree history to well. There is one small town in Quebec where the whole town has hearing problems due to this. But now as more people getting divorced and getting re married and step children have fallen in love and gotten married. So i am not to sure where the Church stands on this but when it comes to health issues and early death syndromes that all come with it. There is no connection the children come from a different family tree so it really comes down to the blood tests if you get a marriage licenses.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-30T04:09:06.1001799Z
@stephannoi - Which is worse though, that the child died from a deformity -or- that it lived enough so that it was able to pass a bunch of milder deformities on to countless others in the gene pool? Maybe there should be some type of gene screening to know whether or not there is negative genetic history? Used to be that we relied on looks alone as a telltale sign that something was good on their side. Its become kinda embedded in our selection of a mate. But now that medicine can hide those sorts of things ... Isn't it skewing the natural selection process? I'm referring to western medicine type treating of afflictions ... Not full cures of them.
ghostrecon says2015-11-30T04:42:52.9014727Z
Of course a child died from deformity.It doesn't matter whether incest is consensual or not but it can be very harmful to an innocent child.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-30T05:11:27.3493751Z
Granted, yes. I'm just not sure which is worse. Killing one or killing several down the line by proxy. Of course both should be punished. Just not sure how severe for each. I mean you cant really prove any down the line if the child lives by some miracle, but it'd be like having set a time bomb of sorts.
stephannoi says2015-11-30T23:32:42.7766614Z
Radioactive 014 I would say you cannot compare gay with incest because first gay cannot reproduce and it does not harm anyone while incest cause harm.So don't compare consensual relationship with abusive relationship.
stephannoi says2015-11-30T23:34:29.2459789Z
It's a two different thing.
radioactive014 says2015-12-01T01:30:14.3370588Z
I wasnt trying to compare the two i was saying that if we keep letting moraly unjust things like gay marriage and (hopefully not soon) incest be allowed then will we as a country even have a right or wrong any more. No we wont and we will just spiral into the demise of this once great country faster and faster
stephannoi says2015-12-01T01:37:38.2790130Z
While cousin marriage is allowed in many country which i think it's stupid.Look at muslim country one of the highest birth defect in the world !!!!
radioactive014 says2015-12-01T01:39:57.0673659Z
Ya its not good at all!!!!!!!!
stephannoi says2015-12-01T01:40:38.3954584Z
Islam should better stop encourage and practice this kind of bullshit stuff.We don't want to await our population full of retard people.
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T01:53:32.9616932Z
Yes i agree.While me personally i don't have anything against muslim people itself but in my v
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:04:40.7778123Z
But i have an negative view against islamic law.I would like to criticize that they should change the legislation an based on rational logic and not on religion.
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:15:51.7919109Z
@radioactive 014 Do you think it's okay if we impose death penalty for incest ??Or what would you suggest ??
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:16:53.9575124Z
Please reply back to my question.
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:20:00.5011166Z
@freedombeforeequality Hi,i have an debate challenge with someone.Now it's on voting period.Would vote on my debate challenge please ??
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:21:24.9433753Z
I will send you website link.
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T02:25:23.8246440Z
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-12-01T02:59:38.4562732Z
An honest vote cant happen on this site, moderators will not let you vote there unless it supports the narrative of the site. Ive been banned from there for some time now. Sorry Ghostrecon. You have to learn not to pay attention to win//loss ratios, they are meaningless, and instead appreciate the debate and comments from the audience. Voting is more structure based ... Like a teacher grading a paper in MLA format ... It doesn't award anything for the meaningful parts of the debate like stance and content.
ghostrecon says2015-12-01T03:52:27.5603583Z
Then at least maybe comment something without vote
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-12-01T04:17:26.3051509Z
I'm pretty sure I did ... Before I even came here and told you about it.
idoubtit says2015-12-01T19:05:28.1037616Z
You can dislike or find it distasteful, and personally I don't think it's a good choice, but it is historically condoned, and at the end of the day, it's not any of our business. As for birth defects, there might be. Or there might not be. Cousins marrying is not an automatic birth defect for offspring, and in the meantime there are plenty of children born with defects to non-cousin parents who both carry a recessive gene. In fairness, you would have to require genetic testing for all, and marriage prohibition for non-cousins as well. I'm against banning things that aren't directly related to the safety and freedoms of all, and this doesn't make it into that category. There's too much "I don't like that so I want to make no one able to do it" going on in this country.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-12-02T16:40:57.0596177Z
Theres a definite safety concern here though. Youre going to find that the only reason we have diseases that run rampant through our population is directly linked to the fact that we didnt make this our business earlier on.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-12-02T16:41:25.8726330Z
Theres a definite safety concern here though. Youre going to find that the only reason we have diseases that run rampant through our population is directly linked to the fact that we didnt make this our business earlier on.
idoubtit says2015-12-02T23:34:42.1941882Z
Those safety issues are all related to personal choices thouThis isn't agh. And frankly, nowadays marriage has little to do with whether or not offspring are produced. You can ban cousins from marrying and so what? They could still have children. Is the next step to take away the kids parents by imprisoning them for having the kid? Execute them for having sex? You open that door and it will never shut. Provide education and make it readily available, that's really the only feasible solution. When you start criminalizing sex between consenting adults, it won't stop at cousins.
idoubtit says2015-12-02T23:36:05.0473815Z
Had a sentence in there that didn't quite catch all when deleting, pardon the gibberish in first line.
stephannoi says2015-12-03T00:07:38.8301997Z
I think death penalty should be used for incest if it cause severe birth defect to a child.There are many children who died or suffer great harm from birth defect.
stephannoi says2015-12-03T00:11:09.9022587Z
In 2002 jim bob duggar says,,incest represent of one of the most heinous crime and such crime should be a capital offense.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T02:03:29.9338722Z
Yeah you are right.I would say incest is already the worse form of child abuse while many young child also died from neglected and physically abuse but as also many children died from birth defect.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T02:06:41.1779499Z
But eventually any form of abuse is harmful but there should be a special provision punishment for abuse that result in victim death which should be punish more severly than other crime.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T02:08:12.1276989Z
Yes executed incest couple.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T02:10:22.4838057Z
They should feel the pain first before they die so execution method i would recommend electric chair or hanging.
harrytruman says2016-03-24T02:02:09.9281582Z
@Skyscraper It's called Leviticus 18:6: None of you is to approach anyone who is a close relative in order to have sexual relations; I am Adonai.
haydenchristen says2016-03-24T05:10:07.4276494Z
@ harytrum The death rate newborn infant from birth defect are higher than from negligence and physical abuse.So incest should be punish by death.
haydenchristen says2016-03-24T05:13:13.0532393Z
Let's just electrocuted incest couple to death even including if sexual relation was consensual and between consenting adult.
harrytruman says2016-04-23T18:46:17.9818165Z
Invest should be punished harshly!!!!!!
harrytruman says2016-04-23T18:50:54.3999884Z
@haydenchristan I absolutely agree, Leviticus 18 and 20 says we should stone them to death.
stephannoi says2016-04-23T20:35:44.5007093Z
@ harrytruman Birth defect has a devastating outcomes that affected child physical health which is not being peer reviewed well enough by the society.Some people argue while incest between adult is consensual therefore it's unjust to criminalize consensual sexual activity in the private room but in contrast to my opinion that is just ridiculously stupid.
stephannoi says2016-04-23T20:44:22.3772290Z
Regulating law against incest does not violate Admentment and it's not contradict with the international law.No human right organisation ever mention that incest should not be forbid in fact adult do not have right to engage in relationship where it could run a risk of harming someone.Any relationship should eventually be beneficial reserve for everyone to live their life healthy.
stephannoi says2016-04-23T20:48:07.0654693Z
Incest is nothing but merely a form of child abuse.Children should not endured suffering from psychological and physical harm as a result from being born from the mother womb.
stephannoi says2016-04-23T20:55:27.4562923Z
Usually i am anti-death penalty,but except in some circumstances where there is aggravated factors added capital punishment should be imposed.We cannot release these bastard evil people,Imprisoned is just too light sentence.They are not worth to be count as a member in our society .
stephannoi says2016-04-23T21:03:48.2351024Z
I say all this because i am concerning on child right and their future.They should live a happily life without subjected to tolerance of harm.Please just don't be stupid and compare incest with homosexuality what does this two have in common ??Homosexual cannot reproduce and there is no subsequently negative outcomes not like incest.
stephannoi says2016-04-23T21:05:00.8535679Z
@ harrytruman Do you agreed with me and haydenchristen that we should sentence incest couple to death ?
harrytruman says2016-04-23T22:01:13.6419882Z
stephannoi says2016-04-24T07:51:33.0839560Z
@ harrytruman You are american citizen right ?? How about you and me,we could introduce the government to propose a new bill to ban cousin marriage in all 50 state in USA and sentence incestous people to death ?
stephannoi says2016-04-24T07:54:26.6818688Z
Did you have any relation with the government ??
stephannoi says2016-04-24T07:55:33.8870996Z
@ harrytruman Or your family ??
harrytruman says2016-04-24T22:00:11.4674421Z
I don't know what you're saying, please err elaborate.

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