Should we ban strawberry yogurt?

Posted by: Tedderdee

Strawberry yogurt has proven health risks. It has been linked to autism, cancer, depression, and even rabies in some rare cases. Plus, strawberries are peaceful, beautiful animals, that don't deserve to be kept in pens and slaughtered for our yogurt. I say we as a people, across the world, should make the must needed switch to blueberry yogurt. It is much healthier, and blueberries are freaking dummies that no one cares about. Much more humane.

  • Yes, strawberry yogurt is unhealthy and morally wrong.

  • No, strawberry yogurt is tasty and blueberries are gross.

12% 2 votes
88% 15 votes
  • Yes. Strawberry yogurt is delicious, but it is not right for the strawberries.

    Posted by: H501
  • Those poor, defenceless strawberries...

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GreyOwl says2016-05-28T01:39:58.7188210Z
Slaughter all the beautiful strawberries for my contentment <3
E.MacLeod says2016-06-13T15:11:18.4411853Z
Please could you give proof that strawberry yogurt actually causes health issues?
terri87 says2016-08-12T01:14:47.4407972Z

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