Should We Ban Zoos?

Posted by: nkq64670

Please use TRUE evidence.

Poll closed on 1/26/2020 at 12:00PM.
  • No

  • Yes

48% 14 votes
52% 15 votes
  • no because you wouldnt be able tosee the beauteful animals

  • No because a lot of the time zoos assist with animals who are endangered and help preserve their existence.

  • I think people are not able to see wild animals in wildlife, yes animals need to be in wildlife, but they need other species like them to interact with.

  • Yes because its cruel to keep wild animals enclosed in those tiny spaces and it puts a lot of stress on the animals themselves.

  • If you want to see beautiful animals, go to a wildlife park or a sanctuary; that's where you can see beautiful animals in their natural habitats. Zoos have been proven to negatively psychologically affect animals, as well as disrupt mammals and birds' families. Captivity should not be justified simply by the fact that humans want entertainment.

  • Look at what happened to Harambe. It puts both animal and human life at risk.

  • Yes I do enjoy seeing animals at the zoo,but there are much better ways of keeping the animals stored in an area.Wildlife parks are an alternative to zoos,I would not say to "ban zoos" but to reconstruct them into better and more suitable environments for animals could be an alternative.

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