• Yes

  • No

68% 34 votes
32% 16 votes
  • Climate Change is rapidly changing our environment and it should be a serious concern to everyone.

    Posted by: Lui97
  • climate change is real and will kill us.

  • Due to climate change there are drastic change in weather condition and pollution has increased as well.

  • Technically speaking, if you picked no, you are delusional. Climate changes are going to be the root of many other problems that will arise in the future.

    Posted by: tynyqy
  • Civilization has never seen climate change as we have in the last century. We should take notice before it's too late.

  • If we aren't concerned about climate change then by the time we become concerned things will be too late

  • Yes, we should because once upon a time the climatic change was normal but now the intensity at which it is hanging is really dangerous

  • It's called weather, it goes up and down.

  • No, it's obvious ploy to expand government power and influence into what little manufacturing economy remains in the US.

    Posted by: eZminT
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BrendanD19 says2016-03-14T22:11:46.1831571Z
@SamStevens there is a BIG difference between climate and weather.
SamStevens says2016-03-14T22:12:59.4582359Z
I know. I did not vote seriously.
Anonymous says2016-03-15T00:07:09.5800787Z
Then why did you vote?
SamStevens says2016-03-15T02:02:32.1503240Z
To see how people would react.
TheJewelOfJool says2016-03-18T17:25:58.9948109Z
Well you should've just said it was a joke.
SamStevens says2016-03-18T21:09:53.9272611Z
Guess what? I have no obligation to say it is a joke.
maslow says2016-05-27T20:41:59.1373984Z
Anyone putting anything but yes is an ignorant fool.

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