Should we be more openly discussing religion vs. Evolution in public schools?

Posted by: Born.Atheist

  • Yes, we should get kids to be critically thinking.

  • No, we shouldn't tamper with the beliefs of children.

75% 21 votes
25% 7 votes
  • Don't leave it to kids' parents to limit their critical thinking skills.

  • i believe we should give its group a voice

  • It should start around high school

  • Legitimate discussion and classroom debates can be very useful for developing the minds and beliefs of children.

  • We need to do it, but be unbiased about it. Show the same amount of arguments on both sides. Schools these days tend to have a leftist bias. I saw a video last week in school about a Christian who went to live with a Muslim family, and the video was completely supporting that the guy was a racist jerk. That stereotypes against Muslims are bad. They left out the other side which is, there are stereotypes against Americans growing in the Middle East. The point is, bias in school needs to stop.

  • Critical thinking, no matter what the opposing topics are, should be taught as soon as the child is able to discern right from wrong.

  • If children spend seven hours a day at school, then they should be able to discuss relevant and important topics.

  • Give the evidence for both sides and let them decide.

  • I think we should be teaching kids to come up with their own beliefs from the first grade. you never know what kind of nonsense their parents have them believing so we should teach them about science

  • Leave it too their freakin parents!

  • Leave it to themselves. If they want to research or find something to believe in then let them do it on their own free time.

  • they will decide for themselves when they grow up

    Posted by: dt145
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PetersSmith says2015-02-19T10:07:23.9497017-06:00
No. Imagine this site's religion forum in all public schools.
debate_power says2015-02-19T13:50:20.3260612-06:00
I remained closed minded religion until I was fifteen thanks to my parents.
debate_power says2015-02-19T13:50:38.0630162-06:00
To put it into perspective: I'm still fifteen.
briantheliberal says2015-02-19T15:14:38.0234086-06:00
Teaching? Yes. Promoting? No.
UtherPenguin says2015-02-21T11:53:33.1803372-06:00
@PetersSmith Oh God the horror 0_o (see what I did there)
DreamSymphony00 says2015-02-21T16:35:51.8358575-06:00
It's the parents responsibility to instill belief systems in their children (or lack thereof) It doesn't necessarily need to be discussed in school. But tolerance and awareness for all cultures and beliefs should be recognized. But debating them all day? I don't see how that helps anyone.
Leo.Messi says2015-02-22T08:03:31.8847465-06:00
Orgins should not be discussed at all-teach critical thinking, let the parents teach the kids what they want, and then they can choose.

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