Should we blame the kid instead of someone else?

Posted by: kack

Base on the society today, it seems to be a taboo most of the time to blame the kid when something goes wrong cause he or she's just a kid. It automatically makes you look like the bad guy. If your son or daughter is being bullied, hurt or beat up at school, who do you blame for this? The education or the teacher, cause the bully is just a kid or a teenager below the age of 18. Is it wrong to blame the kid even though he or she is obviously the one responsible for hurting your child?

  • Is wrong to blame the kid cause the bully is too small to take responsibility. Blame the education or something.

  • Blame the kid instead of someone else. I am Tired of using their age as an excuse to blame someone else.

12% 2 votes
88% 15 votes
  • blame the parents, they are the one that didn't raise the kid right

    Posted by: basils
  • There can be factors that lead to the actions of the kid, however it's the kid's choice as to what they do. If they chose to pick on someone, then blame the kid for being a bully.

  • they are accountable for their actions no matter the factors

  • Both

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Stefy says2015-05-14T20:35:55.0143447-05:00
Blame both. Fix the education and the factors that lead to this, but the kid needs to learn that he or she has the ability to think for themselves and make good decisions and rise above how they were brought up if that led to bullying. At the end of the day the kid is responsible for their own actions. But at the same time you can't ignore systematic problems that lead to this like education, family issues, etc. But the kid, at all ages but especially if they're 13+, is smart and aware enough that they need to take responsibility for being a bully. Its unacceptable.

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