Should we buy locally made food?

Posted by: themightyindividual

Should I buy food because it is grown or raised close to my house?

  • No

  • Yes

47% 7 votes
53% 8 votes
  • Like all products, specialization and trade are essential in order for anyone to gain from sale. With food however, this is especially important. The reason is that agriculture relies on conditions and natural endowments more than any other business. The temperature, soil composition, rainfall, sunlight, terrain, and costs of land in certain areas all impact the quality and price of food. Luckily, since global trade is higher than ever, we can grow or raise certain types of food in the best places to grow or raise those foods. For example it would make no sense to grow potatoes in California, wheat in Peru, cattle in Canada, and coffee beans in France. Even though we all consume all of these things, we can't make all of them in the same place. Consumers have to decide which food to eat based on quality and price, not on where it is made. Some say that the transportation of food across the country or across the globe is costly and is a waste of money and gas. This would be true except that farmers and distributors make decisions based on what will make the most profit. So if olives are coming from Peru, there is a reason why suppliers chose to grow them there even though they have to pay for shipping. If you buy the best and cheapest olives and you live in a region that makes olives, you will be inadvertently buying locally produced food (because the cost of fuel is lower and the quality of that region's olives is higher). In terms of environmental impacts, organic non-GMO locally produced food is bad for you and the environment. This is because organic food has no resistance to pests and disease and mold and neither do non-GMO food, thus, for every ton of energy and resources put into the production of the food, very little is actually eaten by humans. If you buy potatoes grown in Alabama, for instance, because you live in Alabama and want to buy local, the potatoes were grown in conditions not suited for potatoes and so very little output for all the input is made. Buy the best, buy the cheapest, don't necessarily buy the closest!

  • All of human history has been about escaping hunger and scarcity of resources. Now that food is suddenly more plentiful, it's time to turn to more expensive methods again?

    Posted by: Cato
  • True that it saves local employment, you're actually spending more money than you will as it is against theory of comparative advantage.

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Forthelulz says2015-09-18T01:35:28.8477580Z
Isn't it up to the consumer?
chandlerrouse says2015-09-18T22:13:15.6418264Z
Themightyindividual: Unless you are fans of Anarchy, then you must have a governing body. Anarchy is the type of "government" where there is no government at all. Every person is left to fight for themselves. People must continue to live through farming on their own land, find water, and build a home on their own. No one tells you what to do and there is no voting. This type of government usually ends up in people fighting over food, water, land and other things. There is no police to keep the peace. The US has been infected with a powerful ideology that emphasizes individuality. This, in turn, spawns a faux anarchism which is the even faker ‘cowboy’ image. This creates problems when we consider collective actions that protect the economic and social systems. The uproar caused here when Democrats supported government initiatives in healthcare as well as control of infectious diseases illustrates very clearly how ideological positions can be very destructive. This is very literal: people think, if they have total freedom, they don’t have to cooperate with group actions set up to protect mass populations. The heroic individual who stands in defiance of the mob is a very powerful image in our media and our religious belief systems. Of course, there is always mob actions going on at all levels. For example, people who are scared of government initiatives all the time are not scared of mob lynching’s and mob hysteria whipped up by anonymous people using fake names or trusting con men who are in prison, etc. It is a mob mentality when the group thinks someone else will take responsibility for the wrongdoing...Or better known as "shared responsibility". Like all of you, the lack of social cohesion is very obvious here: Americans don’t view themselves as part of a society. You all are ‘interest groups’ all looking after your own .This very concept radiates through your insipid speech about overthrowing the local farmer and buying the bulk raised lower quality, Monsanto altered cancer food you enjoy. All you are is making a case for the corporate entities who want to keep the local farmers out of business, you corporate shill. I find it hard you have become this uninformed and robotic in your time on earth but I guess having your head planted far up the corporate anus does that.
themightyindividual says2015-09-19T17:58:20.4171526Z
Specializing in corporate legal services, I do have great knowledge of the corporate world. You are correct that bigger companies want to keep smaller companies from "infringing" on their market share. However, as I have seen, there is very little way companies in a free market can legally stop competitors. Individuality is better than collectivity. First, being true to your beliefs and acting on your own behalf creates a more accurate mosaic of society than just rounding up the belief and responsibility.

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