Should we care about abortion?

Posted by: rphk123

If the issue has no impact on us, why is it always such a heated debate? Would it be better if we just let it happen because it will have no impact on us?

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Yes, we should care about abortion

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No, we should not care

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Philocat says2015-02-19T16:52:58.6318166-06:00
@rpgk123, even if it's none of our business, we still need to stand up against immoral acts. In court, it's none of a judge's business whether you killed someone, but he's still going to be the one who hands you a jail sentence.
Toxifrost says2015-02-19T16:54:10.7536357-06:00
@Philocat Morality is in itself subjective so the statement that we need to stand up against immoral acts is meaningless.
Stefy says2015-02-19T17:11:35.4034302-06:00
Because for one, it might impact you some day. And two, caring about other people is a good thing. (no matter what side your on)
Philocat says2015-02-19T17:34:12.5414405-06:00
@Toxifrost, I beg to differ - morality is not subjective. Besides, society holds the moral axiom that homicide is immoral, so we can therefore conclude that abortion is moral because it is homicide. Of course society may be morally wrong in being against homicide, but we have no reason to suppose that society is mistaken in this respect.
Toxifrost says2015-02-19T17:41:02.0025469-06:00
@Philocat Except aborting a non-thinking, not yet feeling, non-functioning fetus is so much different to murdering a thinking, feeling, human with relationships and personal ties. Besides morality is subjective, if it were not all people would think exactly the same on every single moral issue.
labarum says2015-02-19T17:46:49.3296866-06:00
Morality is only subjective to those with non. To everyone else, it is a very real thing. Also, watch this and tell me it cannot think, or feel. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=gON-8PP6zgQ
Toxifrost says2015-02-19T17:48:47.4748855-06:00
@Iabarum You obviously don't know what subjective means. Subjective does not mean nonexistent it means subject to one personal interpretations, personal experiences, and personal biases. Your link is broken by the way.
Varrack says2015-02-19T21:56:40.6338281-06:00
@Toxifrost: Would you murder an unthinking, unfeeling unconscious man? No of course not, so why would you kill an unthinking, unfeeling fetus?
Philocat says2015-02-20T03:17:15.8683354-06:00
Just because people disagree on morality, it does not mean that it is subjective. Some people are right and some are wrong. Back in the 18th century many people disagreed about science - does that mean that science is subjective? Of course not, some people were simply mistaken.
miriamalex621 says2015-02-20T07:56:01.3709872-06:00
I accidentally pressed the wrong button or I thought it meant something different :/

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