Should we clone humans, body parts, or animals?

Posted by: margaretsan

  • Yes

  • No

55% 22 votes
45% 18 votes
  • With strong ethics laws in place, cloning can greatly help victims of accidents, which would more than make up for the risk of unethical experiments.

  • Cloning any part of the body except for the brain I can see as beneficial.

  • Yes , but not the full human for morally and ethical reasons.

  • Animals and body parts. We should stay away from human cloning till we know much more about it.

  • Just body parts.

  • I don't know about cloning actually human bodies but body parts yes. Think of the kids who have lost a limb. I think they are very desperate to have an actually arm or leg.

    Posted by: tyson
  • While this aspect of scientific possibility could be likely abused, its benefits at this point seem to outweigh its flaws. The ability to use the world's brightest scientific minds and research to clone usable organs and body parts would save millions of lives and improve thousands/millions of others.

  • Yes i think cloning is a good idea. However, it has to have strict laws so that only body parts can be cloned. Cloning a whole human being is a very bad idea. On cloning animals it is a good idea. For example, cloning bees to pollinate flowers or other animals that are going extinct.

  • I believe all body parts expect for the brain should be cloned, and maybe even the brain if we have a complete understanding of it.

  • No, we cant clone humans because eventually our genes will become to genetically similar and we will become more prone to disease and sickness. Eventually it could lead to the death of mass numbers of humans all over the world. we cant do that to the human race.

  • The ethical implications are too costly.

    Posted by: Sitara
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