• Yes. It's not good

  • No.

75% 42 votes
25% 14 votes
  • We should do something about violent racists

    Posted by: Zoecri
  • This site never fails to amaze me. Only someone completely unreasonable would possibly stand up for racism and call it "free speech". Violent speech is not protected by the first amendment, because that type of speech is NOT FREE. If it's not free speech for everyone, it's not free speech.

  • We already do. We have anti-discrimination laws in the workplace. (We also have a pro-discrimination affirmative action law, but that's not the point, although we should do something about that racism, too). However, the people can have their racist beliefs if they want; they have First Amendment rights.

  • Racism is already practically illegal. Anyone called a racist has their life ruined (I'm looking at you, SJWs).

  • Yes, racism isn't good, however this has nothing to do with religion.

  • The problem is that there is racism on all sides. If you put a color on anything, it is for seen as racism by others, such as NAACP, Negro College Fund as well as White, Hispanic, etc. We need to eliminate all these racist colorisms, to truly start to eliminate racism . Example of racism, a child of a co-work whose father is black and mother is white, sees himself as white, but his father, my co-worker has said he is not white he is black and always will be. To me thia is a form of racism.

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Bluepaintcan123 says2017-09-03T14:16:41.4143629Z
Everyone wants to do something about racism. The question we NEED to ask is "what?" This is a pointless poll question.
DrCereal says2017-09-03T15:54:02.3842648Z
"Everyone wants to do something about racism." That's an incorrect statement.
Mharman says2017-09-06T13:29:31.2236107Z
Ryjamdonly, that post couldn't possibly be more incorrect.
Supreme_Sawk says2017-09-24T21:17:44.9117994Z
'Only someone completely unreasonable would possibly stand up for racism and call it "free speech"' That depends on what you call racism. And yes, racism IS free speech. 'Violent speech is not protected by the first amendment' You've just completely made that term up. Plus, the term is highly subjective. Where would you draw the line between 'violent speech' and people just being habitually offended? What IS 'violent speech'? Also, how can speech be violent? You can't physically harm someone with speech. You can just hurt their feelings, which isn't physical damage. 'because that type of speech is NOT FREE' In my book all speech is free, regardless of your opinion. Nobody has the right to silence you IMO. 'If it's not free speech for everyone, it's not free speech' Except everyone DOES have free speech. You can call me a racist scumbag, a white supremacist, a fascist, a Nazi, as wrong as it is that's your free speech, and I won't take that away from you. What gives you the right to take it away from me? You stop racism via education, not by silencing. If you silence you will only breed more racists.
dmbrown says2017-09-28T17:26:13.3149402Z
Of course we should do something about racism. I don't think this poll should even exist. Just like racism shouldn't even exist. We are all one race descended from Adam and Eve. We are just all different shades of brown skin color due to the different levels of melanin in our bodies and different facial features either inherited or due to the climate of the area that we live in.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-10-26T15:38:55.9026453Z
Honestly, as long as they aren't acting violently I have no problem with racists holding their own beliefs.
Meredith22 says2017-10-27T00:08:17.9459387Z
Why does the color of someone's skin matter? If a person is black they are still a person just with more melanin. Just think about that, somehow some white people look at someone with darker skin and think themselves better, there is no defense for that how do you explain why someone with a different skin color is lesser to you. It makes no sense. Skin color is irrelevant simple as that.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-10-27T13:22:07.7214155Z
Meredith22, you do realize that generalizing that whites are the majority of racists is actually pretty racist in itself right? Actually the majority of racism is coming from violent minority groups. All that aside, I believe people have the right to say whatever they want so long as it is not violent.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-10-27T13:23:37.7027923Z
(also so long as it does not incite injury)
JakieDan says2018-10-12T09:39:59.9379277Z
Lol i am no racist be kind to all lol
weuio says2018-12-09T03:20:28.0013363Z
SJW's fight racism with more racism.
weuio says2018-12-09T03:22:25.1105363Z
If you can name a person, Act, Or law, Then you can do something. Otherwise you are just b__chtng, Pandering for votes, Or manufacturing problems that don't exist.

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