• Yes, shame those porkie pigs

  • No

43% 10 votes
57% 13 votes
  • People are not fat because they want to be and making life more miserable for them is not going to help.

  • No, it's just cruel to shame people. But, at the same time, how do you discourage obesity and encourage healthy living without 'shaming'? It seems like a catch 22....

  • Fat shaming doesn't do anything but piss people off. Its bulling, distasteful, and gross. As a obese person I do know I am obese. No I don't like it, Yes I feel terrible if I buy a chocolate bar, no I don't want you commenting, if you do, I will buy 12 and eat them all. No glorifying fat saying its "ok" and big is beautiful will help no one. If my BMI was at 40 and I was eating more veggies and working out more then I ever have I am still not "healthy" as many would have you think. A healthy weight, A healthy diet, and exercise is what society needs to promote, Hating everything else is not promoting being healthy.

  • Attacking peoples self esteem is just going to make them seek more comfort in food.

  • You should ask yourself what is the most efficient way to get things the way I want them to be. It seems getting everyone fat to become normal as soon as possible is your whish. It's been shown fat-shaming is one of the least efficient option to reach the goal and so I'd advise against it. (Also fat-shaming will limit you in so many ways.... people generally don't look fondly on people who hurt other people... Even if you think it's for their own good. (((Which you don't you're really just a prick with problems not realted to your own weight.. ;3))))

  • No that wont do anything but I do think we should educate on healthy eating and exercise we should also make healthy foods more affordable fast food salads are expensive and there not that great obesity is a problem and it can be fatal

    Posted by: spyder
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Donderpants says2015-08-19T08:24:30.5983965Z
I think that spelling was a lot worse....
Donderpants says2015-08-19T08:25:03.9046100Z
Than being fat. Just to clarify, that spelling was terrible compared to being fat.
TBR says2015-08-19T14:18:37.2567749Z
Shaming is ridiculous, and this poll is ridiculous, however. We should not be encouraging obesity. I have seen many calls for acceptance of a "healthy body" that are anything but healthy. Thin as a model is not healthy, either is what is clearly obesity labeled as "This is what a body looks like..." sort of verbiage.
triangle.128k says2015-08-21T21:08:53.4537371Z
This guy is hect by the ways
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-21T22:30:02.9313515Z
The lot of you are awful, and i made an argement for the positive consequences of rape
Donderpants says2015-08-22T12:50:25.6817839Z
I must admit, the relevance between us all being awful and you doing a completely separate argument is not an obvious one. How are we all awful, and what does this argument have to do with anything?

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