Should we follow the 2nd Amendment?

Posted by: Gabe1e

2nd Amendment: Gun Rights

  • Yes

  • No

86% 12 votes
14% 2 votes
  • It would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment. It's unconstitutional.

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • there is a reason we have it wise we wouldn't.

  • Of course, the second amendment is in our bill of rights. Of course we need the obvious gun control like keeping them away from criminals, but other forms of gun control such as "Gun Free Zones" and limiting the amount of rounds per clip to 8 are completely pointless. Let me explain. See, with "Gun Free" zones, its really only gun free for those who obey the law. However, for a criminal who wants to shoot everyone in that "Gun Free Zone," that isn't going to stop him from entering and shooting people who are unarmed, because they obeyed the law and didn't bring their personal protection with them. And 8 rounds per clip? Thats not gonna stop mass shootings. The Criminal isnt going to say "Aw shit i guess i cant kill as many people as i want to because I can only have 8 rounds, and I must follow these important gun laws when I'm going out to kill people." You might say "That wouldnt be a problem if we banned guns completely," but did you know more than half of all gun violence is gang related? And gun violence as a whole? Well it might surprise you liberals that only 3% of gun violence used legally purchased weapons. thats your source right there. So by restricting the distribution of guns, you're not only making law abiding citizens' lives harder, you're making criminals' jobs much easier.

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lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-28T15:59:27.3532933-05:00
I am split with this. England banned guns before and now have an EXTREMELY low gun violence rate. Of course England does not have as many bigots that think that guns were not made for killing. I think that we do, for sure, need a lot better gun control though. Improve gun control for sure, maybe ban them.
LJElliott says2014-06-28T17:40:07.1841862-05:00
I don't really know the answer to this. I'm English, and there is little gun crime here in comparison to the US, plus you can't openly walk around with a firearm in your hand, even the police aren't armed ordinarily. In this day and age there's no need to be in possession of a gun all the time. We're not on the Western Frontier shooting the coyotes and the poor Natives anymore. Those days are gone and I think America needs to consign this 'right' to bear arms to the dustbin. What about the rights of those who lose their lives to people who should never have been able to possess a gun in the first place?
Dilara says2014-06-28T17:55:22.6254082-05:00
Lifemeansalvationisgood. England has a much higher overall crime rate including homicide rate, violent crime rate and rape rate than America. For example England has 2034 violent crime victims for every 100,000 people. America has 466 violent crime victims per 100,000 people. Your 133% more likely to be raped in England than you are in America. I don't think we want to be like England.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-06-28T19:00:52.3803542-05:00
@Dilara So the nonexistence of firearms are to blame? The last school shooting in England happened before the gun control on handguns was brought in, and in fact inspired the banning of them. There hasn't been a school shooting in England since. There are better, more non-lethal ways of dealing with an intruder. Including Karate, Stun Gun, Tazer, Pepper spray, having a dog, calling local authorities, and if you live in a well populated area you can simply open a window and scream. Yes, people can still get their hands on guns while they are illegal. But the point of it is to make them harder, and more expensive to get.Should we legalize meth because people are getting it anyway?
Dilara says2014-06-28T20:16:51.9733545-05:00
Comrade silly otter. It doesn't matter that England has less shootings than America when they have more killings overall than we do. In American cities like Chicago and D.C where there is very strict gun control there are much higher crime and homicide rates. In places like Houston or Dallas where there is less gun control and more people with conceal carry permits there is less crime. If your a 100 pound women you can't defend your self from one or several 180 pound men using a taser, knife or dog. What if they shoot the dog? (Since they're criminals they'll still get the gun). In some cases people need guns for self defense. Guns are used 200,000 times a year to or why rapes. It's not just that. If a criminals in a city that has many people with conceal carry permits he's less likely to rape someone or rob someone because like most people he's scared of getting shot. If he's In a city where conceal and carry is forbidden like Chicago the fear of getting shot isn't there. Don't we want criminals to fear us?. Remember criminals disobey the law so they'll get any type of weapon they want even if it's illegal. Ask I'd like to point our that most gun deaths in America are gang related. Gangsters who are selling illegal drugs, weapons to convicts ect are going to sell illegal assault weapons. Even if a gangster didn't have a gun he would still kill someone with his hands or a knife. Suicides will happen with a gun or not so gun control can't stop that. Gun accidents can be stopped by people learning gun safety and responsibility. Guns save more lives than they take.
Warik says2014-06-29T15:14:04.9074627-05:00
Kreakin says2014-06-29T18:08:41.6774014-05:00
hidude398 says2014-07-02T17:21:18.3715928-05:00
Sorry LJElliott, but the right to bear arms is here to stay because people would like to hunt and defend themselves.

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