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BlargArgNarg says2017-01-18T21:37:22.0587342Z
Why was my selection no lmao? I didn't even click on this poll.
Doom-Guy-666-1993 says2017-02-11T02:09:44.3961431Z
Yep, if a women assaults me, they are gonna be lying down in a alley.
llamateeth says2017-02-16T16:21:40.1863737Z
The only thing separating us is our big dicks, big tits, and our tight pussies.
brinzahar says2017-03-13T12:02:57.8308211Z
Everyone has nipples unless they were removed. Nipples are not sexual and therefore should not need to be hidden.
colemanplum says2018-07-24T06:36:07.1272521Z
WTF kinda question is this?? We are already equal.

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