Should we have hunting for fun

Posted by: EKAnimalLover

Should we have the right to kill animals at free will unless you really need food?

  • Hunting is FUN

  • Save the ANIMALS

29% 5 votes
71% 12 votes
  • i like to eat and kill animals cuz its yummy

  • While there are endangered species and animals that are in need of protection, I do not believe that this extends to all situations. If an animal population is allowed to go unchecked, they can consume all the natural resources in an area and essentially leave it depleted. Other animals in the area are unable to find food and subsequently starve. Reasonable hunting laws strengthen the animal populations because the older, or weaker animals would be killed leaving only the strong. For example, imagine a situation where there is a deer population that has become overpopulated. They eat all the food, they are out competing other animals that live there and because of this, many other species are being negatively effected. We could introduce a predator such as a pack of wolves. This could work but it would take time. Time might not be something nature could afford. Introducing an apex predator such as man to an area would allow for a quick culling of the population and an improvement of the surrounding area. Further, allowing people to hunt here helps provide food for families and the community. We do not need meat to survive, that is true, but who am I to tell someone else that they cannot eat something that is, at least in part, a portion of a healthy diet. Hunting wild animals is also better for the animals. Currently, a large portion of the meat consumed comes from factory farms so to speak. The animals are raised, fed, and slaughtered simply for food. Allowing them to live in nature where they can have a significantly better quality of life is better for the animals.

  • IMO, we shouldn't still be killing animals. It was reasonable when we had to out of necessity, but in first world societies we should refrain from killing animals. We don't need meat in order to live and I don't think it's okay to kill something with feelings

  • I think we should save the animals, because many species are endangered or almost extinct. We also don't have to eat meat all the time.

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Jonbonbon says2017-04-25T14:36:23.0388347Z
Hunting is for food. Even people who think hunting is fun know that you hunt to eat.

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