Should we have less homework at school?

Posted by: imogenstarr

I come home every day with my backpack weighing me down, and that's not all of it... I arrive home from tramming at 4:30 and I finish my homework at 7:45! I think it's a little stupid, that's my homework every day, even the weekend.

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We need less homework

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Depends on the Student

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We have a right amount of homework

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We need more homework

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rammstauffenberg says2013-10-27T16:24:13.9241243-05:00
LOL Skepikitten: I was going to say, "I don't speak whinese"
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-27T16:27:40.7020923-05:00
But seriously kids..........I took my Master's program on the fast track {1.5 years} and worked full time. I had homework, and a research paper every single week in addition to working of my thesis. Graduated 4.0. I worked on PhD and ran a practice and my dissertation was 500+ pages. With out some sort of rigor, I could not have pulled it off. Take you own initiative and do work you are not even assigned and you will be ahead of the game.
swagdaddyyolo says2013-10-30T21:00:00.1178702-05:00
Guys that comment before me, im sorry that im 14 and have 3-5 hours of homework every night, and that i dont like it. If you were smart, you would do some research and you would find that homework has no benifits and does nothing to help you academically. Http://www.Edutopia.Org/homework-no-proven-benefits
MJMiamiBoy2 says2013-11-04T07:55:56.6138685-06:00
Says swagdaddyyolo. Lmfaooo
runforestrun says2014-09-03T10:03:51.3763611-05:00
Homework blows...
skrilxdubstep says2014-09-30T17:19:23.5327977-05:00
Wow! Nice, nice well that's you!!! Everyone takes stress on a different level that also shows that from what I'm getting from you, having a PHD doesn't make you smart!
soccermessi12 says2014-10-11T06:55:36.7804520-05:00
I think they should give us less homework or give us an hour at school to finish it. That should be a homework policy at school. First 5 hours of school is our classes and the last hour should be homework. Then if you don't finish your homework you either finish it at the first fifteen minutes of school the next day or at home.
N6464S says2014-11-03T18:50:49.8885932-06:00
JefJef says2014-12-13T06:22:43.5329022-06:00
I think that sometimes homework is overwhelming, there are so many subjects a students have to concentrate on, that they even have no time for the rest. And this, in its turn, leads to a bad health.
PaulChilli says2015-06-01T16:32:47.8899439-05:00
Lel sweg

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