Should we import less goods from China?

Posted by: Joey888

Many goods from China are cheap. Should the US stop importing them?

  • Yes

  • No

78% 14 votes
22% 4 votes
  • China doesn't support human rights. Apart from that, reducing Chinese imports, will also provide the US more opportunity to manufacture its own goods. It will increase American companies, and workers, therefore, ameliorating the economy a bit more. In conclusion, importing less from China, but not ceasing it completely.

  • I believe we are going to go to war with China and Russia in the near futur

  • I want to buy a big piece of land, preferably a forest, and start society again with my own rules.

  • Yes. We should buy less from a nation with no regard for human rights. But doing so, we are in one way or another supporting China's human organ harvesting, it's crackdown on Falun Gong and other religious peoples, its dealing with terrorists, it's push for conquering the South China Sea, its arrest of human rights lawyers and activists, it's mass censorship of the Internet - and the unfair oppression of the Chinese people by the corrupted CCP. We must influence it to change in this way. To not buy from China at all ... is, of course, silly. A bad idea. But do we really want to be buddy-buddy with a nation like China, which fabricates its economic data?

  • China has way too man sweat shops with few labor laws or none in some instances

  • We have too much Made in China. I want to see different country.

  • As an Aussie, I rekon Australia should start finding ways to manufacture products without the need of laborers. If a business here found a way to eliminate the need for factory workers then china would be destroyed.

  • China has really cheap labor and cheap is pretty beneficial because you can get objects at a lower price.

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