Should we increase penalties for drug abuse?

Posted by: TheHeroConservative

Should we make the crime of abusing drugs/selling drugs more severe?

  • No, we should make a crime legal

  • Yes, we should do the right thing and stop drugs

56% 10 votes
44% 8 votes
  • God no!

    Posted by: TBR
  • Let's just pretend this poll isn't biased. Sending addicts to rehab centers is more efficient than to just throw them in jail. Throwing them in jail won't teach them to stop using drugs. By the ways, there are people whom use milder drugs and aren't addicted. But of course conservative propaganda says all drugs are instantly bad.

  • drugs are SUPER BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH and they shouldnt be used (unless you are using it for medical purposes) just put that into mind when you think about your life

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SwizzardWizard says2015-04-02T16:00:37.1705835-05:00
This poll is a bit biased.
Commondebator says2015-04-02T16:00:55.3599503-05:00
No, make it less severe, but illegal
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-02T16:14:08.4225827-05:00
The Yes vote is biased as it says that the Yes vote is 'the right thing'. It should be a simple No or Yes. Also, the No vote states 'we should make a crime legal', that shows that there is no choice for 'no we should not increase penalties but decrease or keep them the same'.
TBR says2015-04-02T16:20:29.7679118-05:00
SwizzardWizard - Including imagery, it is a mess of a poll. TheHeroConservative is being a conservative.
triangle.128k says2015-04-02T16:28:02.9182839-05:00
More biased propaganda from conservatives!
TheMarquis says2015-04-02T16:29:39.1336022-05:00
Drug abusers shouldn't be treated like criminals. They are ill and should be treated as such.
Texas14 says2015-04-02T17:21:33.3030856-05:00
If you look at the drug problem, we're arresting so many people for it when it's a health issue.
Texas14 says2015-04-02T18:23:49.7432209-05:00
@debaterman123, not everyone who is pro drug legalization is pro drugs.
face1995 says2015-04-03T00:06:16.5825308-05:00
I don't think we should penalize drug users but they should be put in rehab and taught and convinced, in other words "brainwash" except it's a teaching of the truth, by which they should not use drugs. Those who are addicted to drugs should additionally be worked out of addiction and be taught professionally how to prevent themselves from relapsing no matter what the circumstance. However, drug dealers should be penalized. They are responsible for the many drug addicts out there. About 10% of the population are addicted to drugs at least once. 36%-50% of the population tries any illegal drug at least once. About 70% of the population will have tried smoking at least once and/or tried tobacco at least once, not to mention that 99.99% of those who have tried illegal drugs at least once belong in this category. About 85% of the people will have tried alcohol at least once, not to mention that 99.99% of those who tried smoking, tobacco products, and illegal drugs belong in this category. 99.9% of all people will have tried caffeine, usually not pure caffeine powder, at least once. I have noticed that caffeine is a harmful drug at age 15, so I started avoiding caffeine in all forms since then with full intention. And as you know, I have no intention whatsoever of trying any legal or illegal drugs but only take medicine when needed at appropriate assigned rate for that assigned length of time. I hope my mind doesn't ever get shifted on the not wanting any legal or illegal drugs because perspectives, personalities, and beliefs get changed once in a while. It seems like we have no control over that because we gradually lose or let go of that control of resistance as we don't exercise it the amount needed. It's like if someone is a Navy SEAL but then is no longer able to do as much as what a Navy SEAL can. That would be because they have not exercised it and they would need to rebuild it up, which would usually be harder because changing our personalities or the strength of resistance to something, even if it's not physical, it needs exercise. It's just like memorization in one way: it requires exercise or else it will fade. It would suck if my future self gets on drugs. I have the hope to always remain free from legal and illegal drugs. Don't tell me to drink alcohol at least because I hate it how most people say it's okay to drink alcohol once in a while. This is why I want alcohol consumers to be on rehab, because if illegal drugs get legalized and we don't have mandatory rehab for them, they will be exposed with full possibilities of purchasing them in stores and probably then 85% of all people would also try weed at least once along with all other drugs! I would hate it if in 2050 I walk by a party and I see almost everybody at every table doing heroin. I would cry and get the pluck out of this planet one way or another. By the way, it's possible to fully get rid of drugs and to bring them to an extinction but they don't because they secretly want people in it to get everybody in prison. I heard that countries that has legalized drugs has less people currently using drugs. Probably it is so, but still more people, probably above 80% will try most or every drug at least once in those countries. The current users would go down if it's legalized, but the total amount of people who try it at least once will go up. If we keep it illegal but have mandatory rehab for drug user instead of prison and work on getting drug extinct, it will indeed help the planet get way much better as people won't then be able to get drugs, no matter how much they search for it. Working on getting drugs extinct also requires drone scanning everything to confiscate all drugs, and it requires that we no longer make items out of drugs such as white-out, bags, lead, ink, paint, etc. 100% harmful drug free and medicine only for ill people at appropriate rate on appropriate time length is the way to live life on Earth.

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