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Lets make the driving age decrease or stay the same!
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Lets make the driving age higher than 16!
12 votes
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PlumberGirl123 says2014-06-25T09:43:28.7536306-05:00
As much as i hate seeing idiot teenagers drive inappropriately on the roads, other teens need them to get to work and develop their life. Maybe it should just be alil harder to earn a license or something
benhos says2015-02-08T15:11:03.9635183-06:00
If you want to say that the 16 year olds make too many mistakes, think about this. The older drivers who make less mistakes are more experienced, they started when they were 16 (I don't know that for sure, depends on the person) too. They made a lot of mistakes in the past. It is about experience, not age.
apydffv says2015-10-29T17:12:45.7859976Z
I Think the driving age should be lowerer
rieexd says2016-11-16T18:35:57.4991864Z
I think the driving age should be lowerer as well @apdffv
rieexd says2016-11-16T18:36:49.5703974Z
I think the driving age should be lowerer as well @apdffv

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