Should we just return to normal and forget about this stupid puny covid? ! I WOULD

Posted by: TheGamerDebater

How about we just stop wearing masks, And following guidelines altogether.

  • Yes! (You know this covid is not so bad! Good for you)

  • No (You are a covidiot who believes this dumbass pandemic is real)

50% 3 votes
50% 3 votes
  • This covid is not a big deal. Why deal with the dumbasses who says "Covid is real". Or "Masks are mandatory here". Or "Make sure you social distance"

  • It's obvious that you hadnt had someone close to you die from the virus. Also you have no clue as how a covid hospital looks like. You confuse the fact that the virus exists and can be dangerous to mostly the elderly, With how goverments have exploited the pandemic for their own political or economic gains

    Posted by: Foivos
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