Should we let our IQ define who we are?

Posted by: SegBeg

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  • Yes.

  • No.

23% 3 votes
77% 10 votes
  • If I'm interpreting the question correctly, our IQ does in fact already determine who we are, whether we like it or not. IQ is not something like race where we have no choice over. We can improve our IQ if we choose to. Therefore someone's IQ, just like their kindness or personality, does indeed already determine and define who they are.

  • yes to some extent iq determines who we are. however some people with high iq's can still do stupid things that injure themselves, especially males. how technologically advanced a society is depends on the average iq of its citizens. Africans have iq's of 70 or below and they have no advanced technology. America has an average iq of 90 to 100 and they have some advanced technology. china has the most advanced technology and has the highest average iq because they study the most.

  • just because a test says yours smart or dumb doesn't make it so

  • No, I wouldn't want idiots to define people by their IQ.

    Posted by: reece
  • Why? Just because you are smarter or maybe not as smart, doesn't mean you should let that quality define who you are as a person.

    Posted by: Easan
  • Some of the most honest and righteous people in the world are on the end of the IQ spectrum. These people should not be defined negatively because their genetics didn't win them a lucky brain.

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Rhoda says2016-07-13T19:06:43.7446021Z
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Rhoda says2016-07-13T19:08:20.7604746Z
The effects this could have. Letting your IQ "define" who you are- to the so called average students, would mean settling for less and could even contribute to a low self esteem. More like saying everyone should be geniuses. We are all unique in our own way and education/ learning goes beyond the walls of a school.
justsayinalot says2016-08-08T21:27:51.3778605Z
@yellow15 you are so racist. You have no data to back that up. And btw there are chinese people in America, so by your random reasoning, they could take over creating advanced technology if they have superior intelligence.
missmozart says2016-08-08T21:48:42.8807274Z
@justsayinalot But the basic theory behind it is true. If you don't work a muscle, it's weak. Just like IQ, if you don't train your brain and study I guess, you won't get smarter, making your brain lazy. Our brains decided what we do and how we think- basically what makes us who we are. Therefore our intelligence really does determine and define us. Intelligence is like personality, it is trained for the most part.
justsayinalot says2016-08-09T01:10:36.4134594Z
@missmozart I have an inkling that you like piano (by your name and picture). Let me make a comparison for you. In many schools, they teach you to memorize, memorize, memorize. So you are, in fact, working the muscle, but just not necessarily making you smarter in order to be able to analyze or interpret, to have problem skills. This is similar to just memorizing one song at a time. You can teach very small children to play mozart. Why? (you probably already know the answer, but here it goes...) Muscle memory. These children (or even adults) don't actually know how the piano works, how to analyze a piece for its composition (maybe they don't even know how to read music). They likely can't improvise. If they can, that's their own doing. But intelligence is a thing that is largely attributed to genes. We mostly inherit our intelligence, unlike many other traits. Obviously intelligence can vary between (for example) identical twins, but (using twin studies) psychologists say there is a smaller margin of variability for intelligence. Twins (with identical DNA) are more likely to be closer together in intelligence than fraternal twins, and all twins are likely are likely to be closer together in intelligence than siblings. So intelligence can't really be trained. At birth, you are likely already set in your intelligence (although, outside variables like lead can change this, of course). I would say that, for some, their intelligence or lack thereof is definitely a defining characteristic. For others, their kindness or charming manners (other traits) capture your attention and change your opinion of them. Your perception of people isn't always reliant on their intelligence. You could easily interview two people with the same intelligence level (measured by standardized tests or what have you) for a job interview and come away from the meetings thinking that one person over the other is more competent or that one is more intelligent when-in fact-they may both be just as intelligent. Http://www.Nature.Com/mp/journal/v20/n1/full/mp2014105a.Html
missmozart says2016-08-17T12:39:13.4414496Z
@justsayinalot First, yes I am a musician :) Second, I respectfully disagree with what you said about piano. In fact, I doubt you're a musician yourself. Teaching someone to play a proper piece on the piano or any instrument isn't just about telling them where every note is and their fingers somehow memorise the notes due to muscle memory as you said. When people learn to play a piece, they have to not only analyse every note, but every rhythm, every articulation, every phrase, every dynamic, every tempo marking, every pedalling (in most pieces) and they also have to listen to the sound they make. After that, musicians need to know how to perform a piece with good interpretation and style as well as to convey the musical meanings of it. It's much more difficult than you think, There are so many different things going on when you learn or perform a piece- properly I mean. I don't know where you got the idea that musicians only rely on muscle memory and I have to say, that is really insulting for you to say (though you most likely didn't mean it). If I were to teach you something simple such as Mozart k.545 without the score, I doubt you would be able to learn based only on muscle memory. First, muscle memory is very unreliable, no proper musician memories a piece like this (we know (or should know) the entire score by heart, like photographic memory). Anyways, if I were to teach you a piece, you would need to engage your brain (IQ) in order to memorise the patterns both visually and aurally.
missmozart says2016-08-17T12:42:42.5946717Z
Also, yes I agree with what you said about kindness and personality. But then, in that case NOTHING should define who we are, which makes this poll a truism. I don't know, I still think intelligence has a big role in determining who we are (though of course not the only or most important I guess).

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