Should we lower the voting age?

Posted by: 23orsonyo

Make sure to provide SOLID reasoning, Not just, "i th1nc kidz shud v0at b3kuz reezuns".

  • Yes

  • No

31% 32 votes
69% 72 votes
  • I am thirteen and follow the news. I watch CNN, FOX, NBC, And read the Washington Post. I follow all the politics, And wish I could vote in the upcoming elections. My opinion is not 100% that of my parents, And I know what I believe. I highly doubt most kids my age would pass a basic citizenship, So just require something like that to show basic knowledge. Overall, I am pro lowering the voter age to 13 since that is when I really first formed my own political opinion.

  • Kids are the future, And therefore the kids should have a say in who is going to rule our country.

  • In my country the voting age is 18, And at this stage in life, Most people have a lot going on, Between exams, College, Moving out, Trying to figuring out career paths and much more. This means they don’t have to to register to vote, Let alone vote. And the longer you don’t vote the less likely you are to start voting, In this day and age we are facing huge worldwide problems that it is up to the upcoming generation to fix, And how can we expect to fix/improve these situations if they aren’t picking who is running the country, And how their country is being run.

  • I think yes we should lower the voting age, In fact we should eliminate it. Instead of a voting age we should require everyone no matter what age to take a test to show they a basic understanding of American politics before they can vote. I am 13 and would love to vote but sadly cannot.

  • I believe the voting age should be lowered to 16 as lots of 16 year olds are old enough and mature enough to give a sensible vote.

  • It should be lowered. Kids are considered mature enough to join the army at seventeen. There is no reason for someone to be allowed to serve in the army but not be allowed to vote.

  • Age minimums in the United States are being pushed back farther and farther and the symptoms of such policies are disenfranchising a decent chunk of the population and encouraging children to behave like children for longer. Lowering the voting age will at least give some the opportunity to engage in civic debate and contribute to the democratic process of our country.

  • One can die for their country before they can vote. Is that fair?

    Posted by: bilc02
  • Kids are morons, 18 is young enough as it is.

  • A lot of teens might be too buy with school, Work, Social lives, Mental, Physical, And emotional health to be up to date on politics. They also could be swayed or pressured by parents or friends to fit in.

  • kids don't know shit about politics and will be influenced too much by their parents

  • No, Kids haven't experienced the real world and can be easily tricked into voting different ways. If kids aren't responsible enough to drink than they shouldn't vote.

    Posted by: Almora
  • cuz

  • The kid that said yes this is a message to you. Okay you know everything about politics. You are in the 6% of kid's that know something of politics, And you want to vote but just if you are 1 of 1000 kids that know something about politics then it does not make sense to let them vote. Like i am in school and i know how most kids thing they do not even bother to learn. If they are so bored to learn math, English and the other classes why should they want to learn about politics. Most of kids under 16 are just stupid and should not have a right to vote.

  • No, Lack of experience, Knowledge and judgement. Voting requires all three. The age should be raised to 21.

  • Individuals under the age of 18 are still maturing. Researchers generally agree that the brain still matures in the mid-20s. Especially with moral reasoning and abstract/critical thinking. Also young individuals especially under 18 years old are more vulnerable to being a target from progressive politicians trying to deceive them to believe inaccurate information.

  • No reason to do this, And the status quo is always preferable to some arbitrary change. I could handle 17, But I believe that 16 year olds and under are probably not yet equipped to vote.

  • No. Children would just vote the same as their parents, Or don't vote. No high-schooler has experienced the actual world, Or even been properly educated on politics. Sure there may be a few politics-junkie outliers, This is not the majority, The majority doesn't care about politics. And while an ideology explanation on paper may sound good to them, They need to actually learn about the situation before possibly affecting the outcome of an election for the worse, While it wouldn't even affect them yet. Raise the voting age to 21 and provide a short intro to politics in ALL last year-students' years.

  • @Jay_1998 mentioned that researchers state that the brain is still developing into the mid-20s. Here's one source for that: https://www. Urmc. Rochester. Edu/encyclopedia/content. Aspx? ContentTypeID=1&ContentID=3051 The summary: Adults think with the prefrontal cortex (the rational part) and teens think with the amygdala (the emotional part). That said, I'm sure there are many mature and well informed teens, But I see no evidence that such is the majority. I'm interested to here what the cutoff would be from those who support lowering the voting age and why.

  • I think voting, Smoking, And drinking should all be raised to 25. I don't believe that under that age the majority are mature enough.

  • People should have some life experience before they are allowed to vote.

  • When I think back to all the stupid shit I thought I knew as a teenager, It makes me think the voting age should be raised, Definitely not lowered.

  • First off, Most children are not developed mentally and most are very uneducated and immature when it comes to politics. Also, They might be too influenced by their parent's political opinions. Not to mention their parents could just be like "If you don't vote for Trump then you're never playing Fortnite again" or something crazy like that. Overall, It is just not a good idea. And I can also bet that all of the people that said yes to this are children themselves.

  • I'm 15, And while I do take a class in school devoted solely to politics, And I watch several news outlets. I don't feel like I, Or anyone else around my age is informed enough to make a decision like that. We don't pay taxes, We don't own homes, We don't have a paycheck that will be affected by tax cuts or increases. We don't get bonuses. We just do not have enough experience to fully comprehend what our decisions mean. Depending on how much it would be lowered, Some people couldn't even drive themselves to the polling station. While some of us may be just as informed about politics as any adult, We just don't have enough experience out in the world to truly understand the impact our votes may have.

  • Kids at age 16 are not responsible enough to vote yet, And may not vote seriously. And many of them might not know enough about the candidate they are voting for as well.

  • nah tbh 18 is a good age to start voting what would we lower it to 16 lol!

  • I am just now of the legal age to vote and I am so thankful that the voting age isn't lower. Too many kids are uneducated about the topics, Or don't even know what is happening in the world around them. Half of the 18 year olds are still like that!

  • Kids are dumb and could vote for even the stupidest of people.

  • Younger people are too easily influenced by others. Many young people may think they know everything, But often they do not check how bias the information source is. Those kids are also not the ones paying for most things. Because of this they tend to care less about certain taxes. Furthermore, Most do not fully know the after effects of a certain action.

  • Research shows that even at 18 a teen's brain is still developing. This is why teens often make rash decisions. Allowing them to vote would be ridiculous.

  • If you can't legally live on your own yet, Why should you be able to vote? Youth need more time to develop their own opinions than simply reciting what their parents/teachers have taught them

  • The human mind is not full developed until their early to mid 20's, If anything we need to raise the voting age!

  • 16 year old children do not understand the importance of voting or what they are voting for nor can they determine who would be a better leader

  • Hell no, Kids don't know how to make those choices. They could also look at it irrationally and only vote because of one small thing.

  • Most kids don't know ANYTHING about politics. They mainly are influenced by their friend's opinion, Or their parent's opinion. It wouldn't be wise in letting younger people vote, We already have them liberal millennial who are still crying about Trump.

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23orsonyo says2018-10-17T19:43:03.3414326Z
Make sure to explain why you picked yes or no.
23orsonyo says2018-10-17T19:44:11.4510326Z
Face-Off is tied.
FezMan says2018-10-19T20:01:08.7117186Z
The problem with this type of debate is that it should not be about age. It should be about how familiar someone is with a certain topic. I believe that if someone is able to show a proficient knowledge in the political issue that they are voting on then they should be able to vote on it. A perfect although extreme, An example of this is gun control. (To clarify I am not pro or anti-gun) There is still a large number of people who are young and old who think that it would be the government going to their homes and taking their guns away. Even though in reality all that it would do is put regulations on the type of weapons that are able to be sold at a gun store. Therefore I believe that if you are unable to provide evidence of at least a basic knowledge of what issues you are affecting then you should not be able to vote on them, Regardless of your age. As well the summary that you give, Of the law that you a voting on, Should not have any affiliation to any political parties. P. S. Sorry if this did not make much sense I can tend to be a bit of a rambler from time to time, And it can cause what I write to lose some of its meaning.
robjohn says2018-10-20T21:37:07.7902194Z
Fezman, Knowledge is not sufficient. Life experience and reason are more important. Secondly, You speak of issues, What about principles? People should vote for principles, Not issues.
Mister_Man says2018-10-23T03:56:18.4576707Z
The overwhelming majority of kids have no brain of their own and will vote for either 1) who their parents tell them to vote for, 2) who the media tells them to vote for, 3) who their teachers tell them to vote for, Or 4) the most ridiculous candidate, Ex. Deez Nuts or Vermin Supreme. Yes, Some kids are incredibly smart and well versed in politics, But they're in the minority and I'd prefer wait until everyone is mature enough to vote responsibly.
person_12345 says2019-01-15T05:17:36.1682021Z
To vote you should have something invested in the country, Like military service, Land ownership, Or children. It should definitely be higher, Along with other restrictions.
anc2006 says2019-08-06T19:16:43.9126958Z
Lucky america. In China people don't even get to vote consider there is only 1 party and every time it is 100%.

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