• No kids are doing it for the money not the education

  • Yes It motivates kids

52% 17 votes
48% 16 votes
  • Not sure if "we" would be parents, school system, or someone else, but regardless kids should be able to recognize this importance on their own.

  • I think education and learning should be aims in themselves, rather than means to achieve monetary gains. A kid studying hard just to get money is missing the bigger point of education (and this will come back to bite them when they leave school).

  • they deserve it. the kids who fail dont. kids who pass work hard for it. the kids who fail dont do their work, dont take notes, fail tests, dont do homework

  • Whoever picked Quicksilver is really stupid. The flash could just pull him into the speed force where he moves slower than a regular man. The flash in the mean time would be going faster than the speed of light, not even giving quicksilver a chance. Quicksilver more like Quickstupid

  • Yes Children would be 100 times as likely to work hard and gain an education. This could be a great way to help curb childhood hunger and poverty. Those saying no argue that kids would only be doing it for the money and not the education but getting the education is a side-effect of paying children to go to school.

  • The money you get for getting good grades motivated the children to study hard for tests and ace it. If they don't get anything in return for getting a good grade, the student doesn't know why they should study hard if they get nothing.

  • Kids already don't do it for the education as they will forget it all anyway. Why not give them some motivation to do well and a chance to make a profit too?

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Donderpants says2016-12-14T07:45:12.9455887Z
General_Smiley, wrong question. You were answering http://www.debate.org/polls/flash-vs-quicksilver5, but you accidentally wrote it on this page instead.

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