• Yes, it interferes with market freedom, and hinders worldwide growth

  • No, we need to protect small business

25% 1 votes
75% 3 votes
  • So the GOP say that the government shouldn't interfere with the economy? WTF, contradiction please?! The truth is, that globalization helps worldwide markets, which in turn inflates dollar values, and makes trade more profitable. Not to mention tariffs hinder social, economic, and political progress in the third world. I guess at the end of the day it comes down to democrats defending the people, and the GOP defending the corporations.

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Zerrok says2014-04-19T03:04:32.8563495-05:00
Their is wealth in trade; but having more imports than exports leads to unemployment when "jobs go over seas." when we don't import, all of our money is circulated within our country. When we have increasingly more Imports than Exports, we lose jobs, and our money starts to gets kicked out our circulation and within other countries, we begin to get dependent on other nations; and all of this causes political strife. We can't all be high skilled workers, when china takes away more and more of our low skilled jobs, more and more people become unemployed. We should just slow down.

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