• Yes they should replace teachers

  • No they should not replace teachers

36% 16 votes
64% 28 votes
  • Some loasy teachers YES other excellent teachers NO.

  • go to whitko and find out if we should (check with the crazy half then take an apex class and choose)

  • So far AI is still much less intelligent than a human. As soon as a computer has more intelligence than a person then computers should replace teachers.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • I believe they allready have. At present the teacher is merely an intermediary between student and internet. Teachers follow a preset curriculum to achieve a predetermined end, the exam. The only variable in the scenario is the students ability to absorb the information at the correct rate. I belive the test of a teachers ability to outplay technology is the good old "Power cut". I work in a school, and you would think the world had ended when there is a power cut.

  • Computers would be more efficient than teachers because they would not get side tracked with other things once computers are advanced enough yet but in a few years they should.

    Posted by: 62575
  • teachers had been replaced by technologies to be honest.... teachers use technologies to use for the explanations in the lessons that they got to lazy to explain it with their full of efforts!!! when they're trying to explain something they'll use technologies! when u ask them something that they also don't know they will say " search in google then u will find the answer" we should open our eyes and see the fact that teachers should be replaced by technologies! we're not living in a fairy tale where teachers are full of efforts to teach us! we should open our eyes that teachers are not the same as before.. teachers uses technologies for teaching!! so shouldn't we just replace them with technologies instead?!?! because technologies are much more intelligent than teacher nowadays.. wake up people!!

  • Teachers are amazing, and there are really nice, sweet teachers out there who only want to help.

  • As soon as we are technologically advanced enough for this.

  • You can't learn the same way from a computer screen, you need an actual human connection to really learn well. Computers teach one way, while teachers are adaptable enough to teach in ways to suit students best

    Posted by: Tones
  • Than I'll be out of a job.

  • we dont need death from robot

  • Robot's are computer's and if a robot is a teacher you can disable the robot by going to its main source and you can't disable a teacher

  • People is at least better than electronic things.

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dillongg says2016-04-25T12:35:22.8886790Z
We hate robots
62575 says2016-05-12T19:28:58.9972292Z
But when computers are advanced enough they will be able adapt to a students learning style.
ryanF says2017-02-06T14:52:26.3972276Z
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