Should we replace teachers with professionals?

Posted by: Opulence

Is someone who has studied to be a teacher capable of articulating subject mater they've never worked with?

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You believe teachers are better at talking about subjects they have never worked in because they have the ability to communicate with the pupil. You believe there is no Chinese whispers between their interpretation of the subject mater & what they c... onvey to the student   more
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You agree that professionals are much better suited to teach/discuss subjects they work in. You believe that they don't need a degree in teaching techniques because through business they already know how to communicate.
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BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-18T12:11:57.8534581-05:00
I don't know what type of school you went to but all my teachers have degrees in the subject they teach, and are trained teachers.
rphk123 says2015-04-18T13:05:59.0724188-05:00
Teachers are professionals
Opulence says2015-04-18T13:06:53.0558034-05:00
I'm referring to practical experience. The academic vs the pragmatic
Opulence says2015-04-18T13:17:08.6315974-05:00
Also If you're voting & are a teacher please state so... I won't want the results to be skewed by vested interests
TBR says2015-04-18T13:59:43.5975386-05:00
"I won't want the results to be skewed" what a joke. Look at your poll. Look at your answers. Teachers are professionals. If you go to a crap school, that is another issue.
Stefy says2015-04-18T17:49:05.9648779-05:00
Teachers are by definition proffessionals at both their subject and teaching. Thats why they have the degree. No one respects teachers anymore its really upsetting how people look down on some of the most important people in our society
Opulence says2015-04-18T18:07:18.3806695-05:00
Contrary to your belief Stefy, it appears the majority do respect teachers. What i'm getting at is peoples opinions on career teachers... For example the majority believe career politicians should have more experience outside of politics.
Stefy says2015-04-18T18:34:54.0704287-05:00
Yes thats true if politiciams theyre bot educated in every issue. Teachers are always educated on teaching and their subjects. You cannot apply the same standards to both. If yiur curious about politicians im this regard then ask about that. Ans this site by no means represent the overall culture. Teachers get no respect from most. Theyre paid dirst and no one atkes them seriously they see it as not a very ambitious career etc etc.
Opulence says2015-04-18T20:27:53.8240454-05:00
Lack of respect for teachers is symptomatic of our society[agreed]. The question is why? I get the impression you're getting ratty with me for even raising the question.
Stefy says2015-04-18T21:31:14.6293525-05:00
Yes it is symptamatic. Im just explaining why i think it doesnt make sense to consider a question about putting proffessionals in certain positions when you cannot generalize in that fashion and im pointing out that teachers are indeed prfressionals. Im not "getting ratty" with you im just sharing my opinion im pretty sure ive been civil this whole time in fact im sure of it. If your offended by my disagreeing im sorry i was just discussing with you it was interesting to here your view and im pretty sure thats the sites purpose
BennyW says2018-07-23T00:49:36.0412723Z
This is an odd question considering teachers are professionals in their subject. DO you mean that they should have experience as an engineer to teach Math, or as an archaeologist to teach history?

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