Should we send the immigrant children at the border back home?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

16 Total Votes

Yes they should be sent back home

10 votes

No they left poverty and violence we have to keep them

5 votes

No, We need to limit legal and illegal immigration even more

1 vote
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discomfiting says2014-07-22T20:02:17.8380849-05:00 basically the economy
Rhodesia79 says2014-07-23T00:09:58.7774667-05:00
Discomfiting: First, the question asked was about the resent surge of children who have crossed the border and are being detained. Not the 12 million illegals already living in the country. Even if your theory was right, which I'm not saying it is. Sending those kids back would have no economical impact. Since none of these kids have jobs, therefore adding 0% to the economy. In fact if we sent them back then we would actually save money since we wouldn't have to be paying for them. Now you make it sound like no one wants to do these jobs. Well truth is lots of people do. It just that illegals will do it for much less. You also make it sound like there is no harm in letting all these people in. Well we would have to pay for them. If we just opened the borders then we would take in way more people then we could afford. And for your Jenga theory. That's why we have legal immigration. We take people in for those jobs, but keep it at a limit because we could never afford open borders.
discomfiting says2014-07-23T06:37:08.6642187-05:00
All of your arguments are debunked myths...Http://www.Immigrationpolicy.Org/high-school/top-10-myths-about-immigration
discomfiting says2014-07-23T06:38:43.8404288-05:00
How stupid are you? Who do you think is picking the veggies or fruits you eat? Who do you think does that? White Tracy? No. It's some little hispanic girl that illegally came across the border willing to work for nearly no pay.
Rhodesia79 says2014-07-23T11:20:12.3845339-05:00
Ok, fine. But we already have 12 million illegals in the country. Don't you think that's enough to pick the veggies. This little Hispanic girl you speak of. She wouldn't be in the fields. No, she would be in public school. According to you we should let everyone in. There's only so many of these jobs to go around. What would we do with all the other immigrants that can't find a job? We would have to pay for them.
dietorangesoda says2014-07-23T13:42:51.0150426-05:00
Gotta agree with rhodesia on that one
Haroush says2014-07-23T20:59:54.1408509-05:00
I don't understand how anyone could be for "open borders". We have been giving amnesty to illegal immigrants time and time again over the years. Bush was no exception. Now look at our economy and look at reality.. We don't even have the finances to support the illegals we already have given amnesty to. I mean come on! Give me a break of that Kit Kat bar! Sheesh!

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