Should We Shorten The Work Week to 30 Hours?

Posted by: bfochtman14

Its an interesting idea. Maybe it would create more jobs since you would need more people to work fewer hours. Got the idea from this article:

  • Yes

  • No

27% 3 votes
73% 8 votes
  • We should. We work more than most major developed nations and get less time off, but we need to compensate our wages to meet this. These 10 hours would also open slots for more employes, but more money the company likely has to spend if we compensated the wages to the new hours (-10).

    Posted by: Berend
  • As long as I get paid for 40

  • People could live with reduced wages if they didn't try to live at the full extent of their 40 hour wages. For every 3 people going to 30 hours per week, another job of 30 hours per week is created.

  • Higher employment rate sounds fine- lower average money per citizen does not. from 40 hours to 30, the average worker loses 25% of their wages, and a lot of people can't afford that.

  • What? Only to cut progression by 25%?

  • Why would we?

  • I wish we could, but that would still put many people into a hole because of lack of money.

    Posted by: benhos
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Berend says2015-09-25T08:32:58.8684067Z
Lowering the time (which we do more than others, fyi) would force us to increase wages also.

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