Should we stop saying that men age better than women?

Posted by: Somebody55

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Yes, we all age the same

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Yes, women age better

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Amphia says2018-03-04T17:02:40.4998228Z
People actually say that?
TheLogicGeneration says2018-03-04T22:48:48.9358228Z
Swagnarok says2018-03-05T00:04:35.1206071Z
Women age better to the extent that they live longer than their male counterparts. However, one could perhaps argue that old men who aren't on their deathbeds are generally in better health than their female counterparts. If nothing else, a 70 year old man is often still capable of siring offspring, and of having some semblance of a functional sex life, whereas the same could not be said for virtually any 70 year old woman. And of course, since power, prestige, and money are associated with male attractiveness, a man who retires wealthy has an easier time attracting a younger woman, though of course some young men may be willing to marry a rich old woman just so they inherit her stuff when she dies, though there's more rich and powerful men in the world than rich and powerful women.
Arganger says2018-03-05T01:06:42.0386071Z
Never heard it.
Nicole789 says2018-03-05T11:06:13.7657326Z
It probably is more acceptable for men to age, but that's just people's talk. In reality we all age the same but women live longer and are less likely do get various diseases like heart diseases. But say what you want. People can say anything without it needing to be true.
poqbum says2018-03-05T23:14:22.9660511Z
If by "age better" you're talking about how attractive they are to the other sex, then most of the time men do age better. A 40-year-old man is usually more attractive to women than a 40-year-old woman is to a man. This is because a 40-year-old woman is less likely to have children, and is less likely to be a sensible choice for a man to choose as a partner (from an evolutionary standpoint). On the other side, a 40-year-old man is LIKELY to have resources, social power, wisdom, knowledge, and strength able to keep his woman partner safe, and would still be a good partner for a woman. THIS is why generally men "age better" aka men are usually seen as still attractive as they grow older, versus women who drastically become less attractive after about 26 years old.
Nicole789 says2018-03-09T18:05:46.7965202Z
It SEEMS that men age better, but it doesn't need to be true. If I say that it seems that the Earth is flat, does this need to be true? If it seems so then why do we lie?
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:49:21.2546370Z
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