Should we support obama and legalize gay or lesbian marriage?

Posted by: kack

  • YES

  • NO

59% 13 votes
41% 9 votes
  • Discrimination is a bad thing. We shouldn't discriminate against homosexuals, I'm not even from America, but I think anyone has a right to marriage.

  • People are people, and people have feelings People can't always choose how they feel naturally about something or someone

  • I think it's sad we have to legalize a persons natural rights.

  • both

  • Even those that want gay marriage don't want obama. Only fringe leftists like both

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wildmanz says2015-01-23T04:44:10.4965357-06:00
This poll is an unevenly aimed the way it is people wont say they support obama not that its a bad thing to say no to gay marriage but i think they should make a new work and leave me alone about it since marriage is between a man and a women make a new work for man and man or women and women
Hanspete says2015-01-23T06:51:14.3039212-06:00
I want to legalize gay marriage but I wouldn't dare support that man in his efforts to federally legalize it, it is a states rights issue, not a federal government issue.
dmussi12 says2015-01-23T08:03:19.0487718-06:00
@Hanspete Would you have said the same thing about civil rights? I know it's kind of cliche, but the comparison seems apt here.
jewsarescum says2015-01-23T11:59:45.8123237-06:00
Hitler and i don't support homo
dmussi12 says2015-01-23T16:42:43.2001066-06:00
@Redspectre What fantasy world do you live in? The fringe left thinks Obama's too conservative...
Hanspete says2015-01-23T16:45:52.0943848-06:00
I wouldn't have said it for civil rights, and I think the point you made is brilliant, it is not that I oppose the right to marry whoever you want, I just think that this is something that should be left to the states, because eventually it will be repealed anyway. My main problem with it is the Obama factor.
retrogamer176 says2015-03-18T17:21:53.3780254-05:00
@hanspete so, you'd reject that kind of bill because... Something, something, Obama. Right? Average conservative thinking.

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