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Macgreggor says2014-03-30T08:05:11.1071659-05:00
Didn't the Us do enough territorial raping in Iraq and Afghanistan for NO reason and then have a hissy fit when Putin tookke Crimean with out one shot. It took 3, 000 civilians and 156, 000 soldiers for the bush Cheney folly. Plus the county in in financial ruins. Buthey you murcans loves dem guns and hates dem towel heads.
jery1569 says2014-03-30T12:21:08.8380344-05:00
@Macgreggor-OMG! We actually agree on something. Weird huh?
FearTheBeard1 says2014-03-31T09:13:39.8359754-05:00
I think we did less raping in Iraq and Afghanistan but extreme purging of terrorist sects. Plus, the ace kicker was Oil which equilaterals to dollars in hand for the U.S. Fundamentally, we took the fight to where they were instead of fighting on our own soil. You see Macgreggor, after 9/11 no American wanted to witness a catastrophe like that magnitude again, so the troops sought justice. Be it right or wrong is in the eye of the beholder but in my opinion we saved countless lives on American soil taking the fight to them instead of turning the cheek and dropping it.

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