Should we take the 'faith' out of faith schools?

Posted by: triangle.128k

Watching the documentary "Faith school menace" by Richard Dawkins really made my view on faith schools very negative.

  • Yes, they restrict logic and questioning.

  • No, they should be kept

26% 6 votes
74% 17 votes
  • They cause seperation, restrict logical thinking and scientific reason.

  • Here in uk, faith schools can select their students which basically means they end up choosing the kids from wealthy families of one particular religion. this causes a segregation between wealth ,schools and religions which is no good for the community at all. In my opinion all schools should be as close to one another as possible so that every child has a fair shot in life. I don't believe this has a whole lot to do with religion itself to be honest. At least not in the UK, more about wealth.

  • Just because it has faith doesn't mean you can't think logically or have scientific reason. You then only teach one view compared to faith schools. May I remind you some of the famous scientist were Christian, for example the scientist who created cat scan was a Christian.

  • No, absolutely not. They should be kept. They should also not limit questioning if we keep them.

  • Last I checked well over 80% of these faith schools are actually faithful, that is invasion of privacy and a violation of the right to freedom of expression, among things.

  • You do realize Dawkins is a nut who injects conspiracy theories into literally everything he touches, right?

  • The faith can be kept. We can just take the whole faith school out.

  • Its a faith school let them teach the things they want to teach as long as they are not harming anyone

  • No, if people don't like religion, they can just go to another school without it.

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triangle.128k says2015-04-22T01:06:58.6681182-05:00
@Hanspete How is it a violation of personal freedom? I said to simply take away the faith being taught in faith schools. I never said anything about abolishing religion.
triangle.128k says2015-04-22T14:04:01.8630544-05:00
@abby123456 Wrong, it's harming people by causing seperation, poor education and etc.
Trustmeinlying says2015-04-24T07:07:35.1451391-05:00
@triangle.128k Its called a faith school for a reason.

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