Should we take time off for the pledge of allegiance?

Posted by: SherylCunter

This is for personal purposes

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No it is useless

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No, It that should be illegal

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redshinx says2019-01-10T17:44:47.0381082Z
Why are both options no
beastmodeboy445 says2019-01-10T20:13:14.8063607Z
No, It that should be illegal?
ColtonIsReal says2019-01-11T16:27:58.4857899Z
RedShinx you're dumb both options are yes. Absolute blind boy.
Haberak says2019-01-11T20:48:28.0896540Z
In is necessary if for nothing else but to show our appreciation of our men in arms.
560732 says2019-01-15T02:57:25.0226021Z
I do not agree with the pledge so why am I forced to repeat it everyday. And then if I don't I get yelled at

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