Should we treat everyone in the military like heroes?

Posted by: steven8

Does simply being in the military make you a hero?

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We glorify soldiers too much

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If you're a soldier you are a hero

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steven8 says2015-07-18T23:41:55.1059590-05:00
I just want to clear something up, I'm not anti-military, I respect soldiers and have friends and family in the military I celebrate the fourth of July and memorial day to remember those who died and fought for our country, but I have also seen military people who are mean, rude and undeserving of praise, despite their service in the military. Not everyone who joins is automatically a hero in my opinion.
Winston84 says2015-07-19T00:13:42.9959532-05:00
Well considering that i am a pacifist, i am not going to label anyone who partakes in any form of war as a 'hero'. However i do understand that there are people, while in this job, who manage to do heroic things. But by no means does being a part of the military automatically classify you as a hero
Haroush says2015-07-19T06:07:58.4484253-05:00
It's not the fact they are in the military.. It's the fact they are in the U.S. military serving you and I helping to defend freedom for all those who live in the United States. It is what these people sign up to do which is heroic. Give up their own life for you and I. It doesn't have to be literally but it also could be figuratively too. For example, it depends on what MOS someone has. If you are a computer tech in the military you are not going to be out killing people like a lot of people think everyone does in the military, but what they will be doing is working on motherboards that keep up communications or repairing DoD supercomputers. Not everyone in the military is a grunt. And even if they are, they do serve you too.
steven8 says2015-07-19T19:37:49.7926778-05:00
Forthelulz So you think it is wrong to question the morality of what we use our troops for, and treat all soldiers like heroes, meanwhile our country demonizes all police officers and treats them like they're all brutal and evil. But don't you dare moralize our soldiers. If we don't idolize them then that makes us anti-American and ungrateful.
Forthelulz says2015-07-20T00:01:25.1509014-05:00
You assume I'm with the fools demonizing the police. Interesting.
JernHenrik says2016-02-14T19:51:05.3574826Z
Wylted says2016-02-14T19:59:56.1305674Z
Haroush, what is heroic about going overseas and causing blowback that results in terrorism being brought to American shores? What is heroic about fighting for Jewish interests.
Haroush says2016-02-14T20:28:36.5767134Z
@Wylted, It isn't our soldiers who are creating this blowback let's get that straight. The only people responsible for blowbacks are those who are calling the shots like Hillary Clinton. It is people like her who are causing blowbacks on this country by lying about protests happening in Libya at the exact same time well planned out terrorist attacks are happening in Benghazi. It was nothing but politics when it came to Benghazi, but Iraq and Afghanistan were not mistakes up until the point of planning. It was the planning which wasn't organized. Then to take all the success and throw it away into a vacuum? What kind of good idea is this? This was Obama's idea along with the rest of democrats solely to make political gains, that is it. They knew people were tired of the war and the American peoples' psyche was vulnerable. They took advantage of that. To make matters worse, we have people attempting to interpret everything going on whom don't know what is going on and who is telling the truth. So who do we believe.. People like Hillary Clinton or those who actually experience first hand events like Benghazi?

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