Should we use games at school?

Posted by: Master_Po

Using educational games in school or not?

  • We should have educational games in school.

  • We should not have educational games at school.

96% 27 votes
4% 1 votes
  • Just make sure they're actually educational, i.e. pertaining to stuff that appears in school curricula, and not 'brain training'.

  • Gaming Should Be in School Gaming should be a subject in school. Studies show that gaming can be very beneficial to health and other skills that help at school. Gaming also would be a fun subject which would make kids enjoy school. If you had a lesson every day for about 30 mins or so it would make kids want to come to school more and they wouldn’t bunk off. Reason 1 (Education): Video games can improve early literacy in 4 and 5 olds, especially in letter recognition and story comprehension. Gaming at school would mean that students wouldn’t pretend to be sick or bunk off if they had a subject to look forward to which would mean they also went to their other lessons so they would get a better education and be smarter. Reason 2 (Health): Games also help the brain: People who play Call of Duty and Halo performed 30 to 50% better at making out details in clutter and managing events. Kids who played Tetris for 30 minutes a day for three months had a thicker cortex than people who didn’t play. (The cortex processes coordination and visual information). Workouts in games like Wii fit and Xbox fitness can boost stamina and heart rate levels. Action games can sharpen vision and help cure Amblyopia A.K.A “Lazy eye.” In one hour, some games can do what an eye patch in 400 hours. Surgeons that did gaming where 27% faster at operations and made 37% fewer errors compared to doctors who didn’t game. Reason 3 (Social) Video games can be good for being social as well. 65% of gamers play games with a friend. 40% of Facebook activity is spent on social games like Words with Friends and FarmVille. Some games are very social like World of Warcraft which has over 12 Million members. Video games could let people make new friends who like similar games or helped each other in multiplayer games.

  • I think educational games should be compulsory in school as the load of studies in every child's life makes school have a boring and bad expression in their mind.

  • Gaming is the most interactive form of media ever invented. Therefore, it shouldn't be rocket science to combine it with education in order to make a better learning experience.

  • yes schools should start using games like minecraft

  • You can learn many educational things from video games.

  • Hurts your eyes and can be addicting as minecraft and can affect your studies and make you sleepy and might teach unrealostic things that cant be applied to real life

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