Should we use more money to save animals?

Posted by: greengrim101

We should save the animals?

  • Definitely

  • I don't care about animals

77% 23 votes
23% 7 votes
  • How we treat animals is an objective measure of human morality. Right now we spend billions to improve the lives of some animals (pets) while we provide economic support for practices that perpetuate the suffering of others. This moral inconsistency teaches our children that our ethical choices are based on little more than convenience.

  • Eating animal flesh is a demonic activity.

  • There are still hundreds of issues concerning humans rights, like the exploitation of children in factories or the serious gap between the rich and poor. The only reason people care about animal's rights is because we are living in a world where everything's so sufficient and wealthy that we don't have that much to care about.

  • there are people dying of hunger,terrorism and poverty and you guys think that protecting animals is more important??sounds funny.

  • Across the globe, there are children who don't even know if they are going to eat today. In America, there are already so many laws protecting animals. People treat their pets better than they do other people. If you want to save the animals, do it with your own money, don't make taxpayers do it for you to get you high on your own self righteousness

  • I like how the option isn't yes or no but rather Definitely or I don't care about animals. -- You can care about animals with perspective... Should we as people spend money on animals? Sure, if you have the money and want to. But I have to side with the others who say that we have tons and tons of human rights issues across the globe and many human issues needing attention and money on a county scale. So no, this is not something the taxpayer should fit the bill for.

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swiss_cheese1023 says2017-06-04T20:51:03.6888372Z
With all the problems our society, and the world at large faces, animals are not a big concern. Why donate your money to animal charities, when you can give food to hungry families, or help a child get the surgery they need to heal? There are people that could change the world if they had the opportunity, yet we spend money on saving easily replaceable animals.

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