Should weed be legalized?

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Pro or con about legalizing weed

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Weed has not been proven dangerous

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Getting high can cause people to lose jobs

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zhaod1 says2018-09-22T02:09:06.8141559Z
Marijuana is extremely addictive. It becomes a trap, Making people that try it want more and more until they receive a lethal overdose.
Debating_Horse says2018-09-22T14:30:12.7359861Z
Poll answers should have been a "Yes" or "No" instead of the ridiculous reasons for why people would support legalization of marijuana, And why people would be against legalization.
testifiedWrong says2018-10-04T15:31:59.5391904Z
I'm kind of mixed. I used to smoke weed a while ago, And it was the most relaxed I've been in my entire life. I have severe depression and PTSD and smoking helped me immensely. However, That doesn't mean it's completely good. Some people have negative reactions to smoking, Such as a bad high, Intense nausea, And almost complete incoherence and lack of coordination. Granted, Some of those reactions came from a lack of moderation. Obviously when you smoke too much you're not going to feel great. One reason that I'm not sure about legalizing weed is because of a story my Mom told me. Warning, It is a bit graphic. She was in the police academy and was driving with her senior when they got a call about an accident. 2 fatalities. The person responsible for the crash had been high, Driving home from a party when he fell asleep at the wheel, Causing him to hit the front left corner and scrape against the left side of the car. He completely crushed the driver and decapitated the child in the back seat. He and the passenger on the right side of the car he crashed into got out with only minor injuries. All in all, I'm mostly for weed being legalized, But with restrictions, Such as only being able to smoke at a certain age. There should also be heavy fines and punishments for driving while under the influence, More so than there is now. Perhaps that's just personal bias, But it could potentially be the difference between life and death for those on the road.
LetsTalkAb0utthat says2018-10-16T13:03:39.8177737Z
Marijuana can't kill you because their is no lethal dose to take. You can't overdose on it. Proven fact, Just look it up.
LetsTalkAb0utthat says2018-10-16T13:04:42.9677881Z
The only dosage that could kill you is if you ingest fifteen hundred pounds in within fifteen minuets.
MitchV says2018-10-16T22:34:04.7400912Z
@LetsTalkAb0utthat, I did look it up. According to the drugoverdose. Com site "Although an individual that is experiencing an overdose from marijuana may feel like they are dying, This condition is very rarely reported to be fatal. " Clearly, "very rarely" says that it is not only possible but can and has happened. Further, According to the site, One of the main physical side effects of marijuana use/overdose is an increased heart rate to the point it makes you 4 X as likely to have a heart attack for up to 4 hours after use. With potency becoming greater with each new strain developed, The drug not only become more addictive but more likely to have possibly deadly side effects. This is not even getting into the risk of injury and death that can and has happened by accidents involving people who used marijuana.
DUCKKING573 says2018-10-17T03:04:00.2012337Z
Weed is dangerous, And it can cause people to lose their jobs, Money, And sometimes even homes. I live in Nebraska, A pot is illegal state, And we border Colorado, Where weed is legal. Although pot can be dangerous, I do believe it should be legalized because Nebraskans fork over millions of dollars to Colorado each year, When that money could be being spent on things that are happening in Nebraska.
Exaylon says2018-11-05T00:49:40.8373327Z
Weed should be legalized. There's no lethal overdose and the chances of actually getting addicted are incredibly low. While alcohol, A much harder and potentially deadly drug, Is legal, I don't see why Weed is still illegal. Additionally, New jobs would be created and criminality rates would drop drastically, Because weed-dealers would become unnecessary.
MitchV says2018-11-05T06:11:55.3378582Z
@Exaylon, Tho lethal overdoses are rare, Because high doses can greatly elevate a persons heart rate for long periods of time, E. R. S tend to administer sedatives to prevent heart attacks. Each year, They develop strains with higher and higher levels of THC (the addictive part that gets you high). Tho strains that were out when I was in school back in the 70-80's had low levels so little chance of addiction, Today's and tomorrow's strains are much more addictive and just getting worse. Yes, Alcohol us potentially dangerous but adding to that danger is not helpful. Actually, The new jobs would be the few that sell it in dispensaries. Unlike a pharmacist who goes to college and earns a degree to sell "medication", To work at a weed store you just need to take a $50 online course. It doesn't help crime rates either. Sure, Your not arresting drug dealing who are selling pot but many of the same drug dealers were already selling other drugs too. There is also an increase in crimes dealing with the pot it'self. Legal growers and the stores are often the victims of theft of crop and profits. After all, The drug dealers in the area will not like the new competition. Sure, Pot related crimes go away but other crimes tend to rise. I know this kid who moved west to work on a pot farm. The had to have armed men guarding the crop. I grew up in the Midwest and never had to pick up a gun to defend a corn crop.

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