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Yes minimum wage should be set equal.

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No, men deserve higher salary than woman.

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Women should not be able to work as a employee.

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stephannoi says2016-12-11T07:52:04.1047445Z
If I am a boss I would not qualify woman as my employee. Woman should stay at home and perform their duty as a housewife.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T07:59:15.4007092Z
They are not eligible to work as a employee or business manager simply because they are not efficacy.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T08:04:48.4628442Z
This is just my ideology.I don't believe in equal right between men and woman.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T08:05:55.9401520Z
And I am an anti feminist advocate.
Letsuana says2016-12-11T08:15:13.1376485Z
In the USA, that's a very 1950's style thinking. Women have proven to be very beneficial to society (http://teacher.Scholastic.Com/activities/women/notable.Htm). While I have quite a bit of respect for the women who choose to stay home, I believe they should definitely have a choice. Women have the right to take care of themselves if they choose to or have to.
Letsuana says2016-12-11T08:16:54.5382985Z
I don't consider myself a feminist either, I just want people to be equal if the situations at least are equal.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T08:45:04.1695294Z
@letsusana Yeah feminist women are extremely hypocritical and stupid. Feminist ideology has never support equality of sexes but it is purely sexist and discriminatory.
Letsuana says2016-12-11T08:48:41.1357202Z
I don't agree there. The suffrage movement gave women the ability to vote and made a step towards equality but I think the radical feminists of today are going a bit over equality to the point where they're against men completely.
jo154676 says2016-12-11T09:48:12.0610106Z
@stephannoi while I hate today's third wave feminism, the movement was not always like this and there to this day are still reasonable first wave feminists. Take someone like Christina Hoff Sommers, and also for future reference there are very few times in history that every single member of a group believe the exact same thing, they often have slightly different but similar ideas so to say they all believe in something that is not in their mission statement is dangerous.
Sogan says2016-12-11T10:54:04.7051479Z
Why does gender matter? If you have two people doing a job then what reason is there that one be paid more than the other? If they're doing the same job why don't they deserve the same pay?
stephannoi says2016-12-11T11:24:29.3666267Z
@letsusana Yes the suffrage movement give woman right to vote but they also limited woman right in many aspect such as abortion right,birth control,access to contraception,and be able to work in sex service.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T11:29:14.9888576Z
All these right are an outstanding fundamental right of a woman.If woman are being denied access to contraception and safe abortion,then the higher risk of maternal death could endanger the woman's health.
Sogan says2016-12-11T11:43:23.0769117Z
@Stephannoi I find myself wondering what this really has to do with women's pay? How does offering women equal pay affect their access to safe abortion, contraceptives or anything else?
fishhunter61 says2016-12-11T15:05:39.7008924Z
They do get equally paid, the wage gap is a feminist myth.
fishhunter61 says2016-12-11T15:06:53.3333644Z
They do get equally paid, the wage gap is a feminist myth.
fishhunter61 says2016-12-11T15:10:33.7813180Z
They do get equally paid, the wage gap is a feminist myth.
stephannoi says2016-12-11T15:39:01.2590633Z
This is why I find most of feminist theory are hypocritical since 90 % of the information skewed the truth.
countdooku says2016-12-12T05:23:48.4086351Z
@Rjupudi 18 Men are more likely being discriminated in society than women.Wee see that woman have more opportunities to choose whether which job is worthy for them ,but men are being forcibly assign to do work often without consent.
countdooku says2016-12-12T05:31:45.5688938Z
For example:Women can choose whether they want to participate in military or not while men does not have such kind of privilege.
countdooku says2016-12-12T05:38:21.0626290Z
Women do not have to lawfully perform hazardous work while men always have to.
countdooku says2016-12-12T05:44:33.2654149Z
See the disparity right between men and women ?
stephannoi says2016-12-12T05:58:45.3428769Z
@countdooku Yeah,I agree.Women who perform duty as a housewife doesn't earn household income so they doesn't have to pay tax costs.Men are the only one who mostly have to carry responsibilities about all the expenditure in the household.
stephannoi says2016-12-12T06:01:58.5813156Z
This is why I oppose the concept of equal pay in work.Men work harder so they are better qualified.
Sogan says2016-12-12T13:12:46.6603595Z
@stephannoi If a woman works and pays taxes why shouldn't she receive the same pay as a man who works and pays taxes? You seem to be addressing a lot of issues other than the wage. The question you presented is: 'Should women and men be equally paid' I would say yes, as long as they're doing the same job as the men. Example, if a man works in a warehouse as a forklift driver and earns eight GBP an hour, why should a woman who does exactly the same job be paid less? I would say that women should be paid the same, they should also be taxed on the same criteria, if a woman stays home as a housewife of course she doesn't pay taxes, just as men don't pay taxes if they have no income. A better (and very similar) question would be should all people be paid the same if they're doing the same job? I would say yes. Your question is less specific in that it doesn't address similarities in work. However, why would you object to people being paid the same if they're doing the same job?
DarkDebate says2016-12-12T14:59:22.6077589Z
Some religions like Islam value women so they cannot drive or do the same things so I respect peoples opinions on this for whatever reason they have, but I believe women and men are equal.
DarkDebate says2016-12-12T15:00:17.4265103Z
Some religions like Islam value women so they cannot drive or do the same things so I respect peoples opinions on this for whatever reason they have, but I believe women and men are equal.
HeyTheist says2016-12-12T17:50:59.3128003Z
Equal pay for equal work.
20wongr says2017-01-03T13:51:42.8888127Z
I fully believe in equality. The sexist degrading stereotypes of how society portray women and their roles are completely wrong and push women down. Everyone should be payed the same salary for doing the same job regardless of their gender.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-03T18:25:50.1560127Z
I believe in equal pay for equal work. That being said, a man can naturally do more work than a woman (at least most of the time). So all this garbage today about how woman get paid less and don't get as good jobs as men is stupid. You never hear the feminists complaining that men make up the majority of plumbers and garbage men, but the moment a man who is clearly more qualified takes up a position as a C.E.O, THEN it's a problem...
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-01-03T18:44:21.7808127Z
Also 20wongr, what "degrading stereotypes" of woman are portrayed? Seem the last star wars movie? Or just about any movie in the last 4 years with woman as a lead role? Woman are always portrayed as strong, independent, critical thinking, and wise. It honestly gets to the point where it's just plain stupid because society has been wrapped up in this lie that woman are somehow socially oppressed. In other countries woman hold traditional roles and are PROUD of it. Western nations, mainly the u.S, hold these backwards views of what it means to be a housewife, usually claiming it as a bad thing. If anything the stereotype is that woman are stereotyped. Did you not see our election somehow? Didn't you ever notice how many people voted for Clinton? Or better yet how many voted for her BECAUSE she was a woman? People these days seem to think that a woman taking care of her children from the home is somehow a 1960s idea. The fact is that people have been doing this since humanity began and possibly before. It happened because, like most men are naturally physically more capable than most women, most women are naturally better caretakers than most men. It IS NOT a bad thing. Feminism has gotten to the point where it will even blame whole religions for this imaginary "social issue" that keeps being implanted in every aspect of our excuse for culture. I support woman's right to work and again, equal pay for EQUAL WORK, but I don't support the carp being taught by our society that woman are oppressed or that they don't get paid fairly.
stephannoi says2017-01-04T08:35:22.6222470Z
I am very disappointed why so many support equality for women .
stephannoi says2017-01-04T08:36:50.9494470Z
At least I do not support equal right between both sexes,this is because male are more stronger and wiser than female.
stephannoi says2017-01-04T08:43:03.8362470Z
Women should stay at home and be a housewife. They must als obey their husband's demand.
brinzahar says2017-01-05T17:48:21.3684247Z
Women, men, others, all can work where they want, with the qualifications. If someone is qualified, it is disgusting that one wouldn't allow them to work based on the fact they have or desire a vagina, instead of having or desiring a penis.
ghostrecon says2017-01-31T13:57:43.3744578Z
@ Countdooku Feminism is just trying to complain on things that it isn't an issue. Yes men and women are already equal and especially in the industrilized countries where all women granted protection from all form violence and discrimination.Conversely, in some countries in the middle east region there is no such kind law that protect women. So feminist should better be proud and satisfied instead of complaining and crying over that they should receive more equal right.
ghostrecon says2017-01-31T14:16:03.2056578Z
The reason behind why women and men paid differently is not to blame on labor market discrimination but because women and men just make different life choice including career choice Taken into consideration of fairness, men deserve to receive higher salary when they work full time job and longer hours. Most women choose to work part-time and take time off when they have to care for their children so by common sense they should earn less.
lolking78 says2017-02-09T14:54:51.3945330Z
They all ready are
TheAnonymousOpinionGiver says2018-06-22T12:21:16.4729693Z
Of course! If they both do the same job, and the same skills, then yes. Why is this even a question?
Comradeanton says2019-01-01T07:17:23.6879480Z
They are already, Now quite spouting useless hate mongering rhetoric like the wage gap.

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