• Women should not be able to have abortions, because even if they they don't want a kid they could put the child up for adoption.

  • Having an abortion can help a teenager still live her life like a kid and be able to enjoy it.

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66% 25 votes
  • Abortion is murder, period. If a girl is still a child herself, then she should not be doing things that put her at risk of getting pregnant. If she makes the choice to engage in these activities, then she (and her lover) should be held responsible for the consequences of those decisions. They should not be given the option of making a bigger mistake to cover up their previous one.

  • I think women should not be able to abort a baby, unless having the baby will physically kill her. Why would you kill a baby for your own and other peoples actions.


  • For everyone saying pregnancy is everyone's choice and it's their actions aren't we forgetting rape? Rapists set out to sexually please themselves and have the intention of traumatising a women / man. It's easy enough to say 'just put it up for adoption ' carrying a rapists child for months on end so you would end up hating the child, giving away the baby would stay with you forever and the child would grow up wondering 'what happened to mummy' and 'whys my daddy in jail.' These factors are the kind of things that would torture a child's life, adoption is easy to say but growing up with out the parental guide and wisdom is a huge barrier, it is proven children with out parents are more likely to suffer from mental health issues.

  • She will never forget the Abortion, as long as she lives. When the time is right and she is better prepared to love, feed and care for her next child, she will cherish that child. Abortion is better than forcing an unwanted child into a bad situation where they most likely will be resented and abused. So many children are abused. I was adopted and I was still badly abused by my Adopted family. I used to wish my birth mother had had an Abortion because it would have been better than my childhood hell. The number of Adopted children who get abused is staggering, so Adoption is not a better option in my mind. I believe we are meant to be born and that a soul will attach itself to a baby once it is born and fully capable of life outside its Mother. Abortion is necessary and not inhumane if done in a reasonable time frame. However, late term Abortions are horrific and should always be avoided if not banned. Telling a teenage girl, or any woman who chooses and Abortion she will rot in Hell is so Unchristian and unfair. It is NEVER an easy or fair decision.

  • Having an abortion can help a teenager enjoy life as a kid, but a grown woman who also aborts an unwanted pregnancy can also enjoy life and not feel pressure to bring an unwanted child into the world. No girl or woman should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term against her will.

    Posted by: mplo
  • How is this even still a question... First of all, the first few weeks there is only a ball of cells. Which is why a pill can take care of it for you. It's not murder. Second, nobody should have any rights over another person's body. That's like forcing men to get circumcised or a vasectomy. Ordering them on what to do with their reproductive organs. Why should people have rights over women's bodies when they aren't the ones being forced to carry the baby for nine months and then spend the rest of their lives responsible for this new person? For those who believe that adoption or fostering is an option, the foster system is so crowded and there is so much abuse faced for these children, many of them who age out in the system. So no, no it's not a good idea to add to those numbers. Stop telling women what they can and can't do to their bodies.

  • No matter the situation, everyone who gets pregnant should be allowed the choice to abort or continue the pregnancy. It's the only way to retain bodily autonomy.

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Iacov says2017-01-11T19:34:00.2758401Z
Stop posting this I know it is telling you that it wasn't saved but ever time it does actual post it.
cyber_onions says2017-01-12T08:49:53.4117133Z
I think the question is confusing/misleading in its use of the word "babies". Generally the term 'babies' is used to describe children after their expulsion from a uterus, at which point you can't really abort them...It seems like the word 'babies' has been used here to elicit an emotional reaction. It's similar to people saying that abortion is like murdering foetuses, when in reality it is embryos which are typically aborted. I guess if you think abortion is always wrong because it's a life it doesn't matter if it's an embryo, foetus or baby, but then you'd have to also argue that the morning after pill is immoral because it aborts a fertilized egg.
JonHouser says2017-01-23T16:24:11.0211544Z
Cyber_onions, you are exactly correct. The morning after pill is immoral. If you are going to engage in activities that could possibly create a new life, it is immoral to then take actions which are designed to destroy that life. If you don't want to have a child, don't have sex, period. A rape does not excuse the action either. If a rape results in a pregnancy, that child can be given up for adoption if the mother does not want to raise the child, but murder is never an appropriate answer to an unwanted pregnancy.
JosephSavageTruth101 says2017-02-22T16:37:40.7187906Z
Abortions is murder people
Mariposa says2017-04-24T19:22:06.2900027Z
So by condoning abortion is okay? I can speak for being adopted because I was in the foster care system myself and obviously it's not fun but I am a living,breathing and walking testimony to all. We all go through stuff in life but murdering a living being inside you is not okay in any circumstance no matter if it is legal. Does it make it right? Everyone on this earth needs to bare the consequences and if I have children one day and found out she had an abortion I would be devastated. It not only hurts the teenager but the parents are more deeply hurt because of the decision that teen made and if she was raised right then the respect for her parents would be in her mind. It doesn't even have to spill into religion but as a mere fact to know that it is wrong to kill a baby whether in the womb or not.
sarahslytherin says2017-10-06T02:28:45.9662055Z
Good thing abortion isn't murder, then! Since, you know, murder has a legal definition and abortion doesn't fit the criteria and all.

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